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Apply for a license

To obtain licensing, please:

  • Carefully read the licensing terms and conditions

  • Download and print two copies of the license application form PDF file and two copies of all the drawings in the annexes (button below)

  • Fill in all the fields requested in the two copies of the license file as the legal representative of your company

  • Sign both copies of the license file and both copies of each of the drawings in the annexes, as the legal representative of your company

  • Send all the compiled and signed documents to: Campagnolo SRL, Via della Chimica 4, 36100 – Vicenza (Italy), for the attention of “Segreteria Generale”

  • For more details write to

Your application will be processed and countersigned. We will send you back one of the two copies of each document by courier within 3 working days from the date of receipt as confirmation that your license has been granted.

Campagnolo will grant use of the standard and the registered trademark N3W to any company able to guarantee technical conformity with the specifications that agree to comply with the license contract terms and conditions. Download of the technical content is public but we remind you that production is subject to your receipt of signed license approval from Campagnolo.

Release 30/10/2020

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