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Portraits - Interview with Eugenia Bujak

9 November 2022
Portraits - Interview with Eugenja Bujak

Portraits is the series of interviews with the UAE ADQ team athletes.

Eugenia is the Slovenian National Champion in road racing.

Alongside her great sportsmanship qualities, her professionalism and hard work align with her goal of reaching the very top and she aspires to compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

"I don’t come from a sporty family. I chose the bicycle because I didn’t have one and I wanted to join the kids in my village so I could pass time together with them. So that was the way and then, yes, it was just for fun to start with. And then someone said to me, well, Eugenia either you start training or you’d be better off stopping. So I started living it out seriously, and here I am."



"When I was a little girl, I was so proud when I raced with a Campagnolo product for the first time. It was like thinking, Wow, I deserve it, I deserve to have Campagnolo. So it was something special. And now that I’m racing with Campagnolo for the third season, I’m very happy."

Stay tuned for more profiles with ​Portraits!

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