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A BIG jewel of
pure Italian design and culture


Campagnolo’s signature artisanship gives the corkscrew its very own distinctive, unique personality.
Each stage of its manufacture takes place in Vicenza, in the hands of those who, for years, have used their experience to make Campagnolo products.


Quality materials and careful finishes accompany the sinuous shapes of its various parts. Each component is a characteristic feature of the Campagnolo brand.
Like the screws, still today the heirs of a seventies Super Record crankset, an element that adorned the bikes of great names from the past – the likes of Merckx, Indurain and Gimondi.


A telescopic, self-centering bell positions the screw exactly in the middle of the cork and once screwed down, the two levers pull the cork out easily and delicately.
This means that the bottle does not get shaken, which would disturb the sediment typical of aged wines. The corkscrew has also been designed to never twist completely through the cork, thus preventing pieces of cork dropping into the wine.
A creative man
A creative man
With his intuition and innovations in the field of mechanics,
Tullio Campagnolo basically rewrote the history of the modern bike,
and he did not stop there. His creativity knew no limits and he reached
into different sectors, his best ideas flourishing in times of difficulty.
And so, in 1966, Tullio had another stroke of genius, just like he’d had
for his invention of the quick release...
The start of the story
The start of the story
While toasting a victory perhaps, or drinking a glass of wine with some champion or other,
he hurt his hand opening the bottle.

This triggered not only his rage, but also his creative flair...
The first corkscrew
The first corkscrew
It took him just a few minutes to design a new kind of corkscrew,
one that over the years was to become a cult object and collector's item.

This was the birth of the Campagnolo BIG corkscrew.
Mechanical perfection
Mechanical perfection
The Campagnolo BIG corkscrew is still a veritable jewel of mechanics,
despite the slight changes made to its appearance over the years.
The Campagnolo logo and the screws taken from products from the past
remain as distinctive features, deeply rooted in the world of cycling.
The “BIG” corkscrew
The “BIG” corkscrew
Today the corkscrew is an article where attention is paid to the smallest detail
and still 100% made in Italy. In 2013, to celebrate Campagnolo’s 80th anniversary,
it was further enhanced with a new chrome plating that guarantees a high-quality, long-lasting finish.

This resulted in the addition of two new versions: BRONZE and SATIN
The BIG Bronzed
With a “vintage” hand-produced look
it recalls the appeal of the historic finish
becoming a fabulous collector’s item.
30 x 12 cm - 1 kg 32.5 x 15 x 8 cm
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The BIG Satin-finish
The perfect match
for modern interior decor
thanks to its sheen typical of steel.
€ 179,00 Buy
## PrezzoApprossimativoText ## $ 241,65