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Super Record EPS Front Derailleur

Super Record EPS 12x2 speed Front Derailleur - banner
Super Record EPS Front Derailleur

In-depth study by the Campagnolo technical staff for development of the new shape of the cage on the 12-speed mechanical front derailleur is now also applied to the new electronic version, guaranteeing fluid, efficient, reliable shifting. Thanks to the inner semi-cage in aluminum and the single-piece outer semi-cage in carbon fiber, the Super Record EPS front derailleur delivers maximum stiffness and efficiency when shifting.

Its cutting-edge mechanical structure teams with the sophisticated intelligence of the interface and the Power Unit and the precision of the derailleur motor allows the chain to move immediately and fluidly on the chainrings, even under maximum load.


Automatic Front Derailleur Repositioning Technology

Auto Repositioning

D.T.I.™ technology means that the EPS™ system knows the rear derailleur position and the selected sprocket at all times.
Waterproof -IP67

Waterproof - IP 67

The Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain complies with IP67 international standards.



Weight 132 gr
Super Record EPS 12x2 speed Front Derailleur - small banner

Features & Benefits

Cage designed to improve maximum cross-chaining situations

The derailleur stops transmission contact and friction

Design optimized for the inner semi-cage

It precisely accompanies the chain onto the large chainring

High torque, high drive ratio motors

Campagnolo has chosen the world’s best motors for this purpose. They allow for shifting even under load, maintain performance levels over time and permit extremely precise, quick shifting

Position sensor

With the Magnetic Hall Sensor Resolver™, the front derailleur always moves the chain automatically into the ideal position for the selected sprocket/ chainring

Front derailleur body in monolithic carbon powder technopolymer

It produces a lightweight and yet very stiff and resistant unit

Front derailleur mounting tool

Faster installation with better results, this mounting tool makes the mechanic’s job easier and more exact.


Technical Documentation

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