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Campagnolo Climbing Championship

2 August 2016
Campagnolo Climbing Championship

New Innovative Race Format for Campagnolo Granfondo Roma.

Campagnolo and the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma are pleased to present the CAMPAGNOLO CLIMBING CHAMPIONSHIP, an innovative new racing format that is born from the desire of both the race and the iconic cycling brand’s desire to blend tradition and history with innovation and forward thinking. The CAMPAGNOLO CLIMBING CHAMPIONSHIP establishes a new and different look at the granfondo format by awarding those who are most adept at the most glorious and heroic of all cycling feats: CLIMBING. The increasingly international race is characterized by 4 climbs, each quite different in nature, gradient and distance. Instead of following traditional granfondo protocol and awarding one athlete who covers the entire course in the shortest time the CAMPAGNOLO CLIMBING CHAMPIONSHIP creates five competitions inside one race by timing only the four climbs. The Championship will honor the fastest athletes in several categories for each individual climb. Additionally, the athletes from each category with the fastest combined time over all 4 climbs will be honored as overall Campagnolo Climbing Champions. Just as is common amongst the most prestigious professional races in the cycling world, the CAMPAGNOLO CLIMBING CHAMPIONSHIP will award a dedicated jersey to those exceptional riders who have won an individual climb or the overall 4 climb challenge. The 5 jerseys are similar in design but differentiated by color in order to identify easily with the climb they each represent. By winning any of the 5 competitions a CAMPAGNOLO CLIMBING CHAMPION earns the right to have his or her name and time entered into the prestigious CAMPAGNOLO WALL OF FAME in addition to defending his or her jersey in the following year’s Granfondo Campagnolo Roma. This particular badge of pride is worn with honor to those talented and lucky enough to earn it but is also an advantage to the competition who may wish to “mark” closely those who have proven in past editions to be capable of winning…a situation very similar to professional stage racing albeit contained within one single day of racing. As strange as it may sound, by adding in the additional competitive element to the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma, the race actually has become even safer as the need to take unnecessary risks while descending form each climb is eliminated. Aside from an increase in safety, eliminating the often times extreme competitiveness on the descents and transfers from climb to climb allows riders to take on a grueling climbing challenge but still be able to appreciate the marvelous territory that the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma offers. The competitive element is fully maintained but between the four challenging climbs participants can take in Rome in all of its splendor and add to the memories of a hard fought race against the clock the experience of a once in a lifetime opportunity to pedal through so much culture, history and beautiful Italian landscape.

Campagnolo is a brand that represents a blend between authentic cycling heritage and history and advanced performance componentry at the forefront of modern technology. Perhaps the most historic and certainly the most iconic company in the cycling world, it has earned these titles through over 80 years of providing reliable performance solutions that have aided champions at all levels reach victory time and time again. At the same time, the brand isn’t only defined by its past but rather maintains its philosophy of continuous innovation in order to produce the performance componentry and wheels that push the limits of current technology. The granfondo held every year in the Italian capital of Rome takes the Campagnolo name precisely because it too represents these same ideals. The Granfondo Campagnolo Roma, held in the ancient capital of the world, takes place in a setting with few rivals with regards to its historical importance. However, the granfondo, just like the brand form which it takes its name is not only reliant on the amazing history associated with its territory but also eager to evolve and offer new, modern and unique elements to render the competition complete and interesting. With this in mind Campagnolo and the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma have developed the CAMPAGNOLO CLIMBING CHAMPIONSHIP, an innovative racing format that inserts competition inside an existing competition while guaranteeing a safer racing environment for all. The CAMPAGNOLO CLIMBING CHAMPIONSHIP places a new and innovative twist to hard-fought and extreme granfondo competition in addition to adding a degree of prestige around those fortunate enough to win. Lay it all on the line while climbing the 4 historic climbs of the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma and just maybe you will be able to wear the jersey of a true Campagnolo Climbing Champion!

"Panoramica" (Lago di Albano)

Lunghezza: 2.3km

Pendenza media: 5,9%

Pendenza Massima 8%


"Murus" (Rocca di Papa)

Lunghezza: 1.1km

Pendenza media: 10.3%

Pendenza massima: 16%


"Rocca Priora" (Rocca Priora)

Lunghezza: 6km

Pendenza media: 6.3%

Pendenza massima: 13%


"Rostrum" (Montecompatri)

Lunghezza: 0.720km

Pendenza media: 12.1%

Pendenza massima: 18%

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