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Bar-End Super Record EPS Disc Brake Controls

Bar-End Super Record EPS Disc Brake Controls - banner
Electronic Groupsets
Bar-End Super Record EPS Disc Brake Controls

Triathlon and time trials permit not even the slightest error. This is why Campagnolo’s brake levers have distanced buttons to shift up and down on the sprockets and chainrings. An exceptional result achieved thanks to continuous work with top triathletes and time trial specialists: excellent ergonomics and ease of use that translate into maximum safety and minimum exertion for the cyclist.

Aerodynamic and, above all, ergonomic, the EPS™ brake controls enable shifting in any riding position. The hydraulic system has been perfectly integrated in the shape of the controls: this ensures unbeatable aerodynamics and makes it possible to have Campagnolo high-performance braking also on time trial bikes with disc brakes.


One lever-One action

One lever-One action

The EPS system CONTROL levers are positioned and act according to the same logic as Campagnolo mechanical gear levers.
Waterproof -IP67

Waterproof - IP 67

The Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain complies with IP67 international standards.



Weight 448 grams (per set of two, controls with buttons and calipers)

Features & Benefits

Aerodynamic profile: maximum aerodynamic coefficient.

Ergonomic lever profile: maximum safety and modular braking.

Easy maintenance: a single wrench is all that’s needed to fit and remove the controls; no need to remove the controls to drain the hydraulic system and the valve is easy to reach.

Distanced buttons for sprocket up- and downshift and chainrings: each button has its own function. This ensures precise control and eliminates the possibility of errors whatever the conditions (winter temperatures, rough terrain, winter gloves).


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