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Research, Development and Testing

To produce components and wheels that are the top in terms of performance, durability and functionality, you have to invest heavily in both development and testing. Every single product, whether component or wheel, is conceived, developed and tested inside Campagnolo.

This makes the R&D department the beating heart of our company, the real center of innovation where all products worthy of the Campagnolo trademark are designed.

We have set up a dedicated in-house testing department to support all our development activity. It is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, some of which have been developed internally to meet our company’s technological needs, many of which are not satisfied by external solutions.
It is impossible to buy a chain-producing machine on line and just as impossible to delegate to others the development of technology for controlling the performance and indicators strictly linked to our products.
In this case, the same Campagnolo engineers who develop our new products, on a daily basis also design all that is needed for testing the performance, durability and quality of the products themselves.
This allows us to go beyond the requisites of industry, EU and UCI standards, inventing increasingly more selective and accurate new tests, with the ultimate aim of only selling products that give maximum results in terms of quality and performance.

Our new products are bench-tested and then repeatedly subjected to test cycles with the precise aim of ensuring that the same qualities identified during the design and development stage are maintained throughout industrial-level processing and production.

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