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Campagnolo Grande Giro Challenge
17 August 2014
Campagnolo Grande Giro Challenge
For over 80 years Campagnolo has been building components for victory in cycling's most famed races.

To win a Tour de France, Giro d'Italia or Vuelta de Espana, in Italian referred to as "Grandi Giri", is a demonstration of superhuman talent. However, to simply finish a Grande Giro is a testament of great strength as the more than 3000km an athlete must ride in less than a month requires extraordinary head, heart and legs.

Campagnolo, in celebrating its recent victories in the Tour and Giro, challenges cyclists to push themselves to ride at least 1000km in one month…or rather 1/3 of the total kilometers that Nibali or Quintana pedaled to win a Grande Giro.
Saddle up and challenge yourself to pedal like a pro this month by riding at least 1000km in 30 days.

The Campagnolo Grande Giro Challenge will take place on Strava and to participate is as easy as making a few clicks.
- Create an account if you are not already a Strava user:
- Log in to Strava
- Go to the following page:
- Select “Campagnolo Grande Giro Challenge” Join the Campagnolo Riders Club via the following link - and see where you stand amongst other Campagnolo faithful in your quest to finish this challenge.
Complete your own Grande Giro this month!

Take shots of your endeavor and share them with the #GrandeGiroCampagnolo hashtag via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Show the world the beautiful places your Campagnolo Grande Giro has taken you.

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