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The Campagnolo corkscrew gets a makeover

4 November 2015
Corporate Campagnolo The Campagnolo corkscrew gets a makeover

From today, the unmistakable Campagnolo Corkscrew will come in new packaging that enhances its refinement and prestige.

For over 30 years, the Campagnolo Corkscrew has decorated tables in prominent restaurants and in homes in Veneto. Its original design, the outcome of Campagnolo passion for innovation and the creation of unique, functional articles, has never been modified and the materials and parts still being used are those originally borrowed from the top components of that time.

This timeless masterpiece is a combination of beauty and functionality, with the same appeal as the intricate mechanisms of the best clocks. The innovative, ingenious mindset of Tullio Campagnolo infused an everyday object with all those attributes that are still today the outstanding features of bike components and wheels by this manufacturer in Vicenza. The elegance of its shape must not mislead as its design goes hand in hand with the extreme resistance and practicality of its parts. Impeccable cork extraction is guaranteed by the presence of a telescopic “bell” which allows the corkscrew to “adapt” to any bottle and grip tighter during the insertion phase. The elegant levers ensure symmetrical movement during opening, converging force onto the cork. The cork comes out cleanly without breaking, avoiding the risk of bits dropping into your finest wines.

Campagnolo today makes its Corkscrew available to all, via the Campagnolo e-store in the two versions: bronzed and satin-effect. Thanks to a redesign, even the packaging is now an object of prestige, for showing off with pride.

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