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Internal battery EPS V2 Power

26 August 2013
The Campy Tech Lab has taken the most advanced electronic drivetrain available and made it even more cutting-edge.
To further improve a drivetrain that already pushed the limits of cycling technology Campagnolo engineers set about to create a newer version of the external power unit to find a more aerodynamic and versatile format.
Their research produced the new EPS V2 Power Unit with a new revolutionary design that offers several advantages. A new cylindrical format allows the battery to be mounted in a variety of positions, all of which confer an aerodynamic advantage.
Those wishing to mount the battery externally will encounter less wind resistance thanks to its new slimmer profile. However, the new profile allows for INTERNAL mounting which not only offers the obvious aerodynamic benefits associated with hiding a component inside the frame but also keeps the unit protected from the elements and impact.

The new EPS V2 Power Unit is an improvement with regards to aerodynamics, versatility, durability and protection but also plays a pivotal role in an aspect that is not to be overlooked; aesthetics. The new EPS V2 Power Unit gives the cyclist the possibility to use the most advanced groupset while maintaining the sleekest look possible to his or her ride.
Depending on the frame manufacturer the new EPS V2 Power Unit can be mounted in one of 4 different positions;
- Internally: Seat Tube
- Internally: Down Tube
- Internally: Top Tube
- Externally: Non-drive Side Chainstay
The rechargeable lithium ion battery is made with a 3-cell (12-volt) construction.
The duration of the battery charge varies slightly depending on route and riding style as shifting frequency puts more or less stress on the battery. However, battery duration will generally be around 1500km on average.
Taking into account that the EPS Power Unit has been lab tested and guaranteed to last for over 500 recharges, while maintaining strength and charge life, it is safe to say that the battery will last as long, if not longer, than the frame in which it is mounted.
\r\rInternal mounting protects the battery from almost any impact in addition to keeping it hidden from the elements. However, Campagnolo engineers went one step further to guarantee that this component maintains its performance functionality despite the roughest conditions by designing the internal construction of the battery with special material that absorbs vibrations as well as a tested and certified waterproof casing around the motherboard. The casing that encompasses the internal componentry is sealed with an ultrasonic welding process that further guarantees the integrity of the waterproof enclosure and thus ensures increased security even during the ugliest riding conditions. \r

\rWith the new EPS V2 Power Unit weighing in at a mere 132 grams it represents a significant weight savings over the previous version as well.
By redesigning the EPS Power Unit the engineers of the Campy Tech Lab were able to reduce the overall weight of the groupset, improve the durability of the Power Unit, reduce its aerodynamic imprint, improve the aesthetics of the bike and remove vital componentry from external threats such as rain, dust and impact.
One apparently simple component that has the power to control the entire drivetrain is now more reliable, more aerodynamic, better protected, lighter in construction and more elegant in design and placement.
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