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Campagnolo and Certilogo® against counterfeiting:
a tangible answer that protects our clients’ safety and purchases.

Top-end Campagnolo wheels are considered by the market and by aficionados to be reference products and as such are highly desirable.
They have therefore also become appetizing to counterfeiters who have cloned some of our models (especially those in carbon fiber) releasing considerable numbers onto the international markets.
CertilogoThe wheel is a performance product, but also a safety component. This aspect means that those who purchase a fake product, while saving money on something that clearly costs much less than the going market price, puts their personal safety at great risk. The materials and production processes that together help to achieve a safe performing product are obviously not the same.

With the aim of fighting and combating these counterfeiters, Campagnolo is the first in the cycling sector to have put in place, thanks to the support of Certilogo®, a control system that enables our clients to authenticate the product simply and immediately.
Starting with the products in the 2015 catalogue, each pair of Campagnolo wheels in the Bora™ and Hyperon™ lines (see details) will come with an individual ID code (the Certilogo® Code or CLG Code) on a swing tag attached to a spoke on the wheel.
The tag will comprise a Certilogo® Code (in both numerical and QR code) that allows anyone, before or after purchase to check that the product is authentic. To authenticate Campagnolo wheels, just visit, insert the CLG Code given on the tag or download the Certilogo APP free from Apple Store.
The tag will also have a Security Code covered by a silver stripe (technology similar to that used on mobile top-up cards). In certain circumstances, the end user (and only the end user) may be required to enter this code by Certilogo®. This countercheck may be useful, for example, in the case of online sales (when the client has no guarantee that the product viewed is the same one supplied).
We suggest you keep the Campagnolo Original Wheels tag even after product authentication for possible future use and, if necessary, to confirm ownership of the product.

Wheels without a tag bearing a CLG Code should be considered NOT ORIGINAL. Used wheels bought without their original tag bearing a CLG Code should be considered of uncertain origin.
The Campagnolo Original Wheels tag will be present on a spoke of the following wheels in the 2015 range: Bora Ultra 35, Bora One 35, Bora Ultra 50, Bora One 50, Bora Ultra 80, Hyperon Ultra (released from the Campagnolo warehouse from 1st October 2014).
Should you not find a Campagnolo Original Wheels tag on the above listed wheels, immediately notify your nearest Pro-Shop™ or Campy Code™ store or Campagnolo Srl directly (addresses at
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