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1 September 2010
The all new fall - winter 2010 Campagnolo Cycling Apparel collection now available online.

Campagnolo Cycling Apparel presents the new F/W 2010 collection, designed for those who enjoy cycling also during the off-season.
Campagnolo knows well that the riding desire does not decrease during colder months.

Based on continuous research on new fabrics, and new technologies, Campagnolo presents a great product, designed by those who love and ride bikes, for those who make riding a passion and a way of life.

Campagnolo Cycling Apparel stands out due to its high quality and new fabric technologies; acting as ambassadors of the Campagnolo design - a world known and respected style.

Through Technology, Design, and Ergonomics, Campagnolo is aware of the actual demands of those who are always 'on the saddle', and its prime apparel objective is to provide more free of movement.

The 11 Speed line was designed for those who demand only the best, the latest fabric technologies: breathable, water repellent, hydrophilic. They all come together in a unique design and elegance, for men and women that do not want to be one more of the pack.

For 'riders', men and women, that think of bikes as performance, Campagnolo offers the Racing line. Fabrics do not fear the elements: wind, rain, sunlight. Every detail has been thought for rider comfort, as winners do not allow imperfections or doubts.

Colors, style, and technology - like special antibacterial and anti-odor treatments- keep the body dry and protected in a natural way. All of this is included in the Raytech line.

For all of those who know and appreciate the Campagnolo world, that for over 75 years has giving priority to passion for cycling; Campagnolo presents the Factory team line, to let you be a part of the Campagnolo team.

Cycling is a sport with old values and a noble and legendary history written by immortal champions. That served for inspiration for our Heritage line that brings together today's technology and comfort with a retro style.

Campagnolo also thinks of the other half of the Cycling heaven: the W line is exclusively designed for the most passionate women riders that demand the same technology details of men apparel, but with a more feminine style.

A real cyclist knows that every particular bike element counts, every detail, even the tiniest one, must be tuned in.

Campagnolo also knows that importance should be given even to the least visible elements: underwear. This way, Multi Season system was born to allow perfect perspiration, and to help keep body temperature, with only one objective in mind: constantly improve performance through time.

The all new fall - winter 2010 Campagnolo Cycling Apparel was designed to contain in itself the diverse cycling souls, and to provide everyone with the Campagnolo guarantee.

When a product has the Campagnolo label, it means that you are holding the best quality product in the market.

Discover now the new Campagnolo Sportwear collection
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