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Sprint to the Extraordinary with Campagnolo
26 April 2015
Sprint to the Extraordinary with Campagnolo

Campagnolo and its dedication to continuous innovation, applied to products but also materials, has pushed the limits of engineering further than anyone in 1933 could have ever imagined. If there was a problem that could be solved through a technical solution, it was invented and produced. If the materials available on the global market weren’t up to Campagnolo standards then new production techniques were studied and implemented.

With such sophistication in production processes and unrivaled expertise in material development it was no surprise that NASA came knocking at Campagnolo’s door for magnesium components for its Apollo 11 mission in 1969. For guaranteed functionality and performance that can be counted on, only the most sophisticated materials will do. The finest carbon fiber, highest grades of titanium and best metals sourced from the most prestigious suppliers in this world and further improved by the expertise that can only be found within the walls of Campagnolo will ensure the riding experience worthy of the winged wheel logo. This dedication to quality and continuous innovation comes from a desire to improve the cycling experience, to take you, the cyclist, further, faster and in greater control than ever before.

Be it to the top of a climb the likes of which you never dared to tackle, the top step of the podium in your local Granfondo or the top of the podium in Paris while wearing the coveted yellow jersey, Campagnolo is dedicated to making products that will accompany you there and give you significant technical advantages while doing so. Campagnolo never intended to go to the moon, produce components for Formula 1 and… medical alloy for use in prosthetics… but its passion to improve cycling led it to produce a quality that saw the brand travel well outside of its origins.

Now, Campagnolo and its quality cycling components are happy to take you to places previously unthinkable.

Extraordinary passion drives both Campagnolo and you to Extraordinary goals and the enthusiasm within the soul of the cyclist cannot be restrained.

Wait no longer as the time is now…to SPRINT TO THE EXTRAORDINARY with Campagnolo!

Sprint to the Extraordinary with Campagnolo and experience a whole new world atop your beloved bike. Having been once already in addition to producing components that stood up to the rigors of space travel, Campagnolo is perhaps the best candidate to accompany you on a voyage out of this world that will push you farther than ever before.

Download the app now and be prepared to take on a challenge like you have never imagined.

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