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Portraits - Interview with Linda Zanetti

12 December 2022
Corporate Campagnolo Portraits - Interview with Linda Zanetti

Portraits is the series of interviews with the UAE ADQ team athletes.

Linda is a young Italian athlete who converted to road cycling after very convincing performances in the MTB World Cup.

"As a result of my experience in the world of mountain biking, I was certainly able to bring with me those techniques. In comparison to my companions, I see that certain things are easier and more natural for me because having good technical skills is also important on the road."

"Being at this level requires many sacrifices. Especially when you think of how old I am. Now that I am 20, I see my friends and ex-classmates going out until late at night, enjoying themselves, and I on the other hand can’t because the next day I have training, a race, and therefore I have to go home early."



"I was very excited when I discovered that I could be part of this project, also because it is my first experience in a large road team, and I like wearing this plate and these colours. I am very happy. My goals for the next years are to gain experience and grow on a personal level, I think the results will arrive as a result."

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