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Campagnolo presents 12 Speed Rim Brake groupsets

8 April 2018
Movement 12 by Campagnolo

The nearly 85 years of continuous innovation to improve the cycling experience has led the Campagnolo brand to become experts in movement. While others produce the immobile ingredients of cycling, the movement is carried out by two parties: Campagnolo and you, the cyclist. The tool of the cyclist’s trade is a bicycle: a unison of frame, transmission and wheels. It cannot perform its function without MOVEMENT and it cannot MOVE without CAMPAGNOLO. Adding Campagnolo movement to the ever-evolving racing frameset has always been the best way to turn a frame into a fast complete bike and the latest innovation from the Italian cycling brand takes that performance one step further. By introducing a comprehensive new line of transmissions, Campagnolo adds movement to frames in a way never before experienced. The arrival of the MOVEMENT 12 versions of Super Record and Record, marks a very significant milestone in the evolution of the mechanical drivetrain. The new transmissions, available in both rim and disc versions, usher in a new era of performance, comfort, and reliability through a cornucopia of new technologies and solutions.

Visually the new groupsets take a bold new design approach but the striking modern Italian design is functional and purpose driven first and foremost. The form for each and every component centers around its specific function and design enters into the equation only after performance and reliability have been assured. In other words, the groupset derives from Campagnolo performance and dependability DNA with Italian design applied towards the end of the development process. The fantastic ergonomy that has become a calling card of sorts for Campagnolo is not only improved but receives features rendering it more customizeable than ever before. Static ergonomic features such as a new hood design, an upgraded brake lever whose form derives from meticulous studies in hand movement and larger thumb shifting levers combine with features rendering the form of the ergopower unique to the demands and needs of the rider.

The rim brake ergopower offers several positions in order to better accommodate differing hand sizes and preferences while the disc brake version incorporates the AMS and adjustable reach system, which allows for not only personalized ergonomy but also custom performance. The fantastic feel and form of the ergopower combines with the tried and trusted one-lever-one-action philosophy of Campagnolo to offer safe and foolproof control no matter the conditions or situation at hand. The Ultra-Shift internals, which allow for multiple shifts of up to 5 gears downshifting or 3 gears upshifting in one single movement, have been completely redesigned to interface perfectly with the all new rear derailleur. Not only does the new ergopower improve on great ergonomics and universally lauded Ultra-Shift internals but thanks to a substantial research and development project held by the Campy Tech Lab the new transmission offers some of the smoothest and most effortless shifting we have ever introduced. New cables and cable housing reduce friction to the lowest levels ever and maintain that silky smooth shifting for longer than the competition.

Often considered the centerpiece of the transmission the rear derailleur is surely the most complex part of the groupset and the newest version brings about a level of sophistication never before seen on a mechanical drivetrain. Not only does it incorporate a plethora of next-level tech such as a new trajectory curve optimized around 11-29 and 11-32 cassettes but it introduces the evolution of EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY (first seen on the Rev11+ groupsets). The next progression goes by the name of 3D EMBRACE technology which not only keeps the rear derailleur vertically oriented in the perfect position for each sprocket but it also now orients the unit perfectly along the fore and aft axis relative to each gear. Thanks to the aforementioned new tech and larger 12 tooth pulley wheels, one rear derailleur fits all and guarantees optimum distance and engagement for each sprocket no matter what cassette option is chosen on the given day. These technological improvements together make for a new standard in mechanical shifting…made even more significant when considering that it does so in a range of 12 gears. Effectively eliminating compromises in gearing selection, not only can the rider now pedal atop gearing suited for any terrain but he or she will no longer need to choose between cassettes specific to any one type of course. With 12 gears the need for a wide range of cassettes is effectively eliminated as the extra gear allows for single tooth increments all the way to the 8th sprocket! Athletes can choose between 11-29 and 11-32 with zero compromise in gearing. The new cassettes are completely compatible with current freehub bodies and rear spacing remains unchanged, allowing the rider to continue with his or her same wheels and frame without a problem. Incorporating an additional gear into the same space presented the Campy Tech lab with a challenge as an additional gear added without widening rear spacing meant that slimmer cogs and a completely new, thinner chain would be necessary, a particularly difficult challenge when considering Campagnolo’s commitment to maintain or improve durability and functionality.

The new 12-speed chain, while thinner and lighter also engages quicker and maintains the exact same durability of its 11-speed predecessor. A smaller, lighter and thinner solution that operates in the same spacing with the same precision while not compromising one bit the reliability of the industries longest lasting and most trustworthy chain is an accomplishment in and of itself. Moving that chain from large to small cog is the task of a completely new front derailleur whose design builds upon the successes of the Rev11+ version. Separate semi-rod and external rod design eliminates free-stroke and confers a more immediate and reactive upshift while the new design and trajectory angle allows for use of tires up to 32mm wide. An entirely new cage design and dedicated positions for each riding scenario make for some or the most precise and fluid front shifting seen on a mechanical transmission.

Perhaps the most visually striking element of the new transmissions comes in the form of the new cranksets, of which both (Super Record and Record) are perfectly compatible with rim and disc brake systems. New, sleeker and aerodynamic designs continue to incorporate the 4 arm, 8 bolt design that renders them both structurally more integral and reactive as well as offering interchangeability between chainring combinations. Structural rigidity eliminating lateral torsion is increased even further in the hollow carbon fiber Super Record model, which adds additional carbon fiber bracing in corresponding areas of highest stress towards the outer edges of the chainring. While Campagnolo has considerable expertise in forward movement, the reduction of speed is also of utmost importance. Velocity is important but so is control and no matter what frame you choose, be it compatible with traditional rim, direct mount or disk brakes…Campagnolo has engineered a powerful performance solution specific to these new groupsets. New, aerodynamic profile, traditional caliper, dual-pivot brakes were designed in order to confer maximum power, modularity and compatibility with tires up to 28mm wide. New direct mount brakes improve upon the previous versions and confer more power and less weight to the overall build. For those riding frames made for db, the new transmissions from Campagnolo offer the best in forward movement but also in terms of control thanks to the incorporation of the highly acclaimed disc brake technology launched by the Italian company last season.

Join the movement that Campagnolo started over 85 years ago by building your next ride with the most advanced componentry from the longest standing name in componentry. The Movement 12 groupsets represent a bold step forwards for the mechanical transmission and as such are the best way for you to incorporate both tradition and modern performance into your bike. Choose whatever frame speaks most to you…but be sure that the movement is from by Campagnolo, without exception.

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