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1 September 2011
To ensure the top performance and reliability of its products, each project, for the production stage, must undergo a series of very strict tests that validate what has been conceived and designed up to that moment (Fatigue test, Crash test, Tyre burst test, Enviroment test).

The pre-emptive tests mentioned above may be sufficient.
But not for Campagnolo® who wants to ensure the highest quality of each individual wheel, checking the parameters at the end of the production process.
This is why Campagnolo® made a clear and conscious choice: to assemble each wheel manually and submit it to a series of final checks that guarantee their quality.
This is the only way, thanks to the entirely manual assembly by trained and specialised personnel and the final 100% checks carried out by specially designed electronic instruments, it is possible to ensure the quality of the wheel you have purchased (Balancing, Lateral and radial control, Camber, Spokes tension, Rolling torque of the hub).

This is why, from its 2012 range, Campagnolo® wanted to supply each wheel with its own Identity Card (ID) which uniquely identifies the wheel and certifies that it has been manually assembled and has passed all tests required by the strict quality protocol.
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