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21 February 2011
A new project, three new product lines, technical solutions and always cutting edge contents.

Campagnolo Sportswear gets a new look and launches its new offers for the 2011 Spring-Summer collection.

The new CSW project is the result of evolution, devotion and meticulous attention for details with the aim to continuously ensure the maximum integration between you and your bike, in the name of innovation.
Technical innovation is expressed through the combination of a new design & fit with new evolved materials.

The CSW Bike Apparel project is a projection towards the future that constantly looks to the past and to the brand's origins.
Past, present and future witness the evolution and the victories of a brand that, with determination, pursues the wishes of those who want to feel comfortable in every situation with Campagnolo.

The Campagnolo Sportswear 2011 collection changes looks and structure.
Time finds its highest expression in the three new scenarios that correspond to three new lines: Tech Motion, Challenge and Heritage.

Tech Motion: progress, ergonomics and moving technology.
Tech Motion outfits are made for a consumer who is sensitive to design and fit, curious, informed, continuously looking for innovative solutions that meet his way of being and of living the bike. This is a line that combines sobriety and technology, by paying attention to top quality materials and details.

Challenge: designed for those who love challenges.
Graphics and colour with a Racing taste. Those who choose the Challenge line love graphics and eye-catching writings and look for a dry wearability that perfectly covers the body as a second skin.
The Challenge line has been created for those who love the Campagnolo brand and know the meaning of high quality, technology and performance of components and want to find the same requisites in their clothing, without compromises.

Heritage: this line is dedicated to those who know the Campagnolo brand, its history and tradition. This is designed for passionate cyclists, who identify with values and contents that belong not only to the past, but also the present and future of the Italian brand.
A line with which Campagnolo Sportswear aims to evoke the history and tradition of Italian cycling by transforming it into cutting edge technological solutions.

With the new CSW collection, innovation, performance and lightness become actual contents. Reliability, quality and image remain the MUST HAVE features of Campagnolo Sportswear.

Click here to discover the CSW SS 2011 collection inside the new website
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