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Campagnolo – more than groupset and wheels

22 March 2022
Campagnolo – more than groupset and wheels

The world’s most iconic cycling brand also offers a stunning range of apparel and accessories.

Campagnolo’s forged an unrivalled reputation for forging quality, durable and seductive cycling equipment that elevates every road and gravel rider’s riding ambitions to another level. There are no limits. But, for many, this unlimited desire to be better is limited to groupsets and wheels. It’s not. 

You see, Campagnolo also devotes time, energy and resources to researching and developing clothing and accessories that make every ride that bit more enjoyable. To reveal the technical detail and performance benefits of each and every item will take longer than a 100-miler on the road. 

That’s why we’ve given you a taster to whet your appetite. Enjoy.


Gravel clothing



Campagnolo’s gravel-clothing offering includes the Genebe Gravel Jersey – a technical, good-looking garment that’s beautifully constructed from a mix of wool and polyester. This combination provides a twofold benefit to the gravel rider, namely boosting breathability while maximising wicking

Wicking is the process whereby moisture is drawn from the body, through the fabric and to the open environment to thermo-regulate the rider; in other words, ensure they don’t overheat, which is a very real threat with the wrong apparel at legendary races like Unbound, which take place beneath the mid-summer Kansas sun.



When it comes to wicking, fit is vital. That’s why the Genebe is a form-fitting garment to maximise moisture transfer

It’s also rapid drying, which comes into its own on multi-day gravel events, while venting comes in the form of a neat and stylish Korean collar with half zip.

Three back pockets plus a fourth central one featuring a zip and waterproof material caters for your stowage needs.


Storage options



Talking stowage needs, proficiently and elegantly carrying all that’s required for your two-wheeled adventure is a must for every self-respecting gravel aficionado. You want something protective and lightweight; something that deflects the water and is easily attached. 

That’s where you can take your pick from the Ekar Cluster 7 Gravel Bag, Ekar Internode 2 Gravel Bag and Ekar Node R Gravel Bag. Or, ideally, unite all three.

You see, each is designed to fit effortlessly onto different parts of your frame to accommodate a range of gear from glasses to vests, nutrition to multitools. 



The Ekar Cluster 7 Gravel Bag straps to your saddle and will cradle your biggest items like rainproof gear and spare parts. 

The Ekar Internode 2 Gravel Bag clamps securely between your top tube and down tube, and is perfect for gravel essentials like a mini pump and cap. 

As for the Ekar Node R Gravel Bag, this compact number sits between your top tube and headset, and is easily accessed for energy bars and smartphone. All in all, smart storage solutions to make the most of your day in the saddle. 


Don’t forget the road



Back to clothing, Campagnolo’s road range is extensive, too. And of unrivalled quality. 

Let’s use the women’s Rame Bib Shorts as an example. The ergonomic design signals its race-thoroughbred qualities. It features Finezza 40 bi-elastic fabric. That might mean little to most riders. Just be assured that this highly technical material offers superb breathability at a very low weight. Comfort’s also guaranteed via the 4D Lady Comfort anatomically shaped chamois pad that also delivers great support. 



In short, this superb set of bib shorts will boost every ride and keep chafing at bay.

Then there’s the men’s and road jerseys, gravel bibs, casual wear plus myriad stunning collectibles to pronounce that you’re proud to be a committed cyclist. 

These include a titanium corkscrew, wheel bag and even a range of coffee mugs.

Visit the Campagnolo e-store!

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