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Campagnolo presents the new Cinelli Nemo Gravel Alessandro Mendini

26 October 2021
Campagnolo presents the new Cinelli Nemo Gravel Alessandro Mendini

The bicycle in a limited edition of 30 numbered pieces, signed by the master of Italian design, will be sold equipped with the Ekar groupset.

Designed in Milan and Made in Italy, Nemo Gravel Alessandro Mendini is made by applying advanced high end series by Comubus.

Assembled with the finest components from prestigious Italian manufactures, it will be presented today at 6.00 pm in Milan, at the Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea gallery and on November 5th in the prestigious context of "Rouleur Live" in London, and will be sold exclusively online on Cinelli Store.



Nemo Gravel Alessandro Mendini is a project born from the interaction of Alessandro Mendini and Antonio Colombo, urged and sketched by Alessandro Mendini for Cinelli which has finally been completed thanks to the generous and philological contribution of his daughters Fulvia and Elisa Mendini.



The small seriality of Nemo Tig Gravel combines with the grammar of signs of Alessandro Mendini's "Stilema Tre".

"Research on the graphic effect of written vision, almost literary, wher alphabets converge in the construction of true visual languages."

 (A.Mendini, Stilemi, 2007)


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