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Bora goes clincher

28 August 2014
Campagnolo Bora Ultra Clincher
New Bora Available Also in Clincher Version

On the heels of the recent release of the newest version of the famous Bora wheel family Campagnolo proudly presents a very highly anticipated development in its performance wheel line.

The Campagnolo Bora wheel has little need for introduction and cyclists young and old surely know of its performance characteristics.

One of the winningest wheels in the professional peloton and the envy of riders who find themselves atop competing models, the Bora recently underwent a development phase to further distance itself in terms of performance, reliability and construction.
This all new Bora however, was initially presented, as every preceding version of the Bora as a tubular only wheel.

While most will recognize the tubular wheels as the go-to choice for top professional riders, the fact remains that tubular tires are less practical than clinchers for those of us not fortunate enough to have a support car with spare wheels following behind.
Now, thanks to some diligent work by Campagnolo engineers, there will be no more reason to sacrifice performance for tire security as the Bora wheel family is now available in clincher version in addition to the tubular version seen in the pro-tour. 

With the addition of clincher versions for the Bora 35 and Bora 50mm rim profiles to the lineup, cyclists can choose from a wide variety of carbon performance wheelset solutions that permit them to ride in complete autonomy. Hyperon, Bora 35 and Bora 50 cover the lion’s share of the road racing rim profiles and will give athletes choosing to run clincher tires a very ample stable of performance solutions from which to choose from.

Bora Ultra ClincherThe new Bora 35 and 50mm rim profiles will take the new, wider C-17 width just as the tubular versions. This new stance will help to house larger diameter tires whose use is continually on the rise in addition to improved aerodynamic performance. The 24mm wide rim is also stiffer thus more efficient on the road.

The new clincher versions of the Bora 35 and Bora 50 wheelsets will also take advantage of the 3Diamant technology that vastly improves braking performance in both wet and dry conditions. The 3Diamant braking surface puts the surefooted braking performance of an aluminum wheel in a top-end high performance carbon wheel. 

Available in both 35 and 50mm profiles and in both Bora Ultra and Bora One versions there is a version of Bora for every condition, for every rider and for every budget.

The newest version of the Bora offers the same exclusive and coveted race-winning performance as its predecessors but now with the added versatility of the clincher version. Nowhere is it written that to have performance you must give up clincher convenience.  No longer is there a choice between tire security and performance, only a choice between winning and losing. That choice is clear: Campagnolo Bora!

Bora Ultra 50: 1435 g
Bora Ultra 35: 1360 g
Bora One 50:  1485 g
Bora One 35: 1406 g

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