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Campagnolo wins the Design & Innovation Award 2022

23 January 2022
Campagnolo wins the Design & Innovation Award 2022

Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 wheels have won the prestigious Design & Innovation Award 2022 in the Components category (Road).

The Design & Innovation Award, regarded as the Bike Industry Oscars, is more than just a title-giver or a round of applause for brands.

It’s the definitive award that decisively tests products in the real world, assessing them in their entirety and reaching considered verdicts. This year once again saw select international journalists, professional test riders, and industry experts invest more than 6,000 hours of their time to partake in the DI.A process.

It is with great pride that we report the jury's comment of the "Design & Innovation Award 2022" in support of the victory of the Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45.

"The Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 wheels are at the spearhead of carbon wheel manufacturing! Most manufacturers can only dream of such sleek and clean rims: the nipple seats are integrated into the rim during production, allowing internal nipples to be used for improved aerodynamics, which can still be accessed externally. Without any nipple holes in the rim bed, the rim doesn’t require tubeless tape and can be set up tubeless without much hassle. The only hole remaining is the one for the valve. All this only emphasises the attention to detail and focus on aerodynamics at a low weight. The 45 mm deep wheels weigh only 1,425 g and if you want to make the most of the aerodynamic potential of the wheels, the rims have been optimised for 25 mm tires. Moreover, the ceramic bearings are claimed to run 5.5 times smoother than conventional steel bearings – perfect for high-speed heroes! Alongside all that technical finesse, the look hasn’t been neglected either. Without any paint to cover the carbon layup, the extremely high-quality workmanship comes to the fore. Speed efficiency paired with craftsmanship perfection – a well-deserved award!"

Bora Ultra WTO wheels embody what Campagnolo is all about: maximum expression of the use of carbon, R&D of structure and aerodynamics and painstaking attention to detail.

Performance, quality and looks: all taken to the nth level. 





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