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16 December 2011
Movement and speed combined with comfort and safety are the key words of a collection that always aims at quality and innovation.

The new proposals of Campagnolo Sportswear for Spring-Summer 2012 have been designed to offer our "bike active sportsman" solutions that provide quality, innovation and comfort.

The SS12 collection is the result of constant, meticulous research and the subsequent use of technological materials and accessories. The importance and care lavished on every single detail have enabled us to offer sports people highly professional apparel in terms of cuts and inserts that ensure high performance in widely differing environmental and climatic situations. The quality, visual appeal and colours selected for the new fabrics make for a collection with a high impact that goes beyond catching the eye.

All our garments have been designed for a public that is constantly in search of innovative and quality products that are able to ensure and enhance sporting prowess.

By collaborating with an international design studio that constantly compares notes with our new in-house team of product experts, a Spring-Summer Collection has been presented that meets the needs of even the most demanding customers.

In order to give shape and life to the Campagnolo Sportswear Project, let's talk about the worlds of "Challenge", "Tech Motion" and "Heritage", the mirrors of three souls, of three types of sportsperson who find their own life model fulfilled in one of these three expressions of design and technology.
Designed for the cyclist who likes racing, who prefers the masses of colour, the more aggressive graphics and the more prominent messages on close-fitting clothes. A consumer who loves the Campagnolo brand because it stands for highly technological components and quality, and who will find just these qualities in his racing gear, without compromise.

Tech Motion
Tech Motion apparel has been created for a consumer who appreciates design and neat lines, is constantly in search of an advanced and original product that is able to ensure high performance. A restrained line where the graphics are translated into marks, elastic and breathable inserts and cuts that celebrate the technical sophistication and versatility of use.

Especially for the consumer who knows the Campagnolo brand, its history, and its tradition. A true cyclist who draws his inspiration from past values and experiences and what they stand for but is attracted by the present and by its innovation, who is curious about being part of the future of this historic Italian brand. A range with which CSW wishes to evoke the historic significance and tradition of Italian cycling, reinterpreting them with an authentic language that sets the technological pace.
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