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Info about Campagnolo mechanical groupsets

Designed and developed for professionally racing from the outset, Campagnolo mechanical groupsets are a combination of technology, performance and design. In this section you will find more detailed information on the Campagnolo mechanical groupset world.
No, the 11s SS must be mounted exclusively with dedicated 11s lock rings.
Yes, the same freewheel body is compatible with 9s/10s/11s
This is not possible with Campagnolo wheels.
Of course, I can remove the chainring only. See the crankset User Manual for full details.
No, the 10s and 11s drivetrains have specific components and cannot be used in a mixed way.
No, the 11s and 12s drivetrains have specific components and cannot be used in a mixed way.
Yes, but you need to fit a Super Record, Record, Chorus rear derailleur with a medium jockey cage (in aluminium). As the medium jockey cage also has an effect on the rear derailleur, if you only change the cage then the rear derailleur may be noisy and not function properly.
No, the 11s drivetrain is designed to work exclusively with original Campagnolo 11s components
No, Potenza and Centaur 11s cassettes, which should be tightened to a torque of 50 Nm, must only be fitted with Potenza and Centaur cassettes with dedicated lockrings indicating 50 Nm. Super Record, Record or Chorus lockrings should be used with the corresponding cassettes and tightened to 40 Nm.
Yes, the Record chain is perfectly compatible with all 11s drivetrains.
Yes, all derailleurs are originally only “braze-on” and can be installed as a “clamp-on” derailleur by using a suitable clamp
12-29T cassettes are available. There is also an 11-29T cassette available for the 2015 11s mechanical rear derailleur, which has greater capacity.
Ultra-torque SUPER RECORD 11S cranksets: Periodically take your bicycle to a specialised mechanic to have the hub bearings and balls lubricated with specific bearing oil (approximately every 5,000 km - 3,000 miles). The Campagnolo® Super Record 11S bottom bracket bearings are made in Cronitect® (advanced solution by FAG) and the balls are ceramic.
I use a 2.5 mm Allen wrench in the front hole of the lever. For correct rear derailleur operation, I also adjust the position of the outer derailleur lever.
Campagnolo sprocket sets are the result of in-depth studies, research, and testing, aimed at guaranteeing the best functionality of the product. In fact there is a coupling with synchronism between each sprocket and the next in order to allow the passage of the chain from one sprocket to another in the fastest and most precise way.
To see the complete sequence of all sprocket packs, please consult the catalogue in the spare parts section.
I only have to check the length if I introduce a difference of more than 4 teeth overall (calculated considering the chainring and the biggest sprocket) compared to the previous configuration.
Yes, the 12-speed SR-R-CH components are all compatible. Some spare parts aren't compatible though - refer to the spare parts catalogue.
Regulate the adjusters of the lower levers and check the brake pads are equidistant (adjusted so they're at the same height in relation to the braking rim of the wheel).
The pivots can only be coupled with PRO-TECH type cups and the geometry of the left hand crank has been modified, compared with the Super Record, Record and Chorus versions, so as not to interfere with the chain stay of gravel frames.
Cult represents the evolution that Campagnolo has engraved on its concept of ceramic balls. It is an acronym for Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology and these bearings must be periodically cleaned and lubricated only using synthetic oil for bearings.
Specific PRO-TECH type cups have to be used for each bottom bracket.
In the latest generation of cranksets, an anti-tampering insert has been applied to the central screw of the pedal crank. If you need to open the screw, you have to break it. Once it's broken, you can insert the torx wrench that is commercially available.
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