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Info about Campagnolo wheels

Campagnolo also means excellence in the street and triathlon crono bicycle wheel sectors. Super smooth hubs, cutting-edge machining and composite materials are just a few of the aspects that make Campagnolo wheels the best performers on the market.
Yes. Different specific FW bodies are available for Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM drivetrains so that Campagnolo wheels can be used with any drivetrain on the market. To find the specifications of the bodies you need, we recommend that you consult the Campagnolo replacement parts catalogue.
Yes, it is certainly possible. The Campagnolo FW body was not changed and is compatible with the 9/10/11/12 speed groupsets.
NO, both the disc and the brake system must be CAMPAGNOLO.
NO, both the disc and the brake system must be CAMPAGNOLO.
Yes, you can! The N3W freehub production license we authorize to third parties implies a geometrical respect that makes the match between their N3W freehubs and our AC21-N3W adapter. Some of the licensees might produce their own adapter since its drawings are part of the license too. For those who only produce the freehub... Campagnolo is here for you in case of need!
Campagnolo and Certilogo® against counterfeiting: a tangible answer that protects our clients’ safety and purchases.
No, the conversion kits AC21-N3WRFCC and AC21-N3WRFCS do not include the AC21-N3W adapter, they are meant only to install the N3W freehub on current wheels.
For any current wheel you decide to convert to N3W, if you want to use this wheel both with cassettes starting with 9/10 sprocket (like Ekar ones) AND/OR any previous drivetrains cassettes starting with 11/12 sprocket, you will need to order the AC21-N3W adapter.
As indicated in the Wheel User Manual, “Cleaning the wheels” chapter: do not, under any circumstances, use solvents, especially alcohol, acetone, petrol and diesel oil, on the surface of the labels when cleaning the rim: these types of labels are extremely light and weather resistant but will be corroded by solvents and are not replaceable. To clean the wheels only use non-aggressive products such as water and a mild detergent, or specific bicycle cleaning products, dry them with a soft cloth and absolutely avoid abrasive or metal sponges.
You can find all the instructions at the following links:
Retrofit Kit
Retrofit kit
You can use the freehub, without the adapter, with any of our cassettes starting with 9 or 10 sprocket. To use it with any cassette with a bigger starting sprocket you must use the adapter and purchase from Campagnolo the lockring corresponding to your starting sprocket
Absolutely not! We worked hard to spread our compatibility. You can find all the brands that subscribed our licence and are happily offering the N3W freehub as a standard in their wheel range here(bottom of the page, the list is constantly updated).
N3W has been designed to host directly Campagnolo cassettes starting with 9 and 10 sprocket. To use Campagnolo cassettes starting with 11 or 12 sprocket you must install the AC21-N3W adapter on the N3W freehub first

Unfortunately no (the answer becomes yes only for certain Fulcrum products). We released our N3W standard for free and the drawings are public. All the hub/wheel manufacturers can adhere and produce our standard upon a licence request form to fulfill. What we force with our drawing specification is just the freehub outer geometry to match with our cassettes. Every hub producer then has a different interface between the freehub and the hub axle and its own engaging mechanism. That's why our N3W freehubs are not compatible with third party wheels.

Please, check the list of N3W producers at the link above if you need a spare part for your third party wheel.

All our existing disc brake wheels can be converted to N3W to make them compatible with 9 and 10 sprocket start (like our EKAR cassettes). Having a smaller ratchet diameter compared to the new generation wheels (30 mm vs 33 mm), these wheels need a kit (axle + endcaps + N3W freehub with smaller pawls diameter FH-N3WA30) to be converted:
• AC21-N3WRFCC for cup-cone (ZONDA DB, BORA WTO family DB, BORA ONE family DB, SHAMAL ULTRA DB)
• AC21-N3WRFCS for sealed bearings (SCIROCCO DB)
ATTENTION: the only standard compatible with N3W is 12 x 142 mm. QR 135 and 10 mm axle are not convertible!
Absolutely yes, they must be cleaned and lubricated with synthetic oil according to the periodic maintenance table.
The N3W freehub was created to host cassettes starting with 9 and 10 sprocket but it opens us a wide range of future opportunities. At the moment we are focused on disc brake developments so only our disc brake future wheels will be updated to this standard. Our Campagnolo rim brake wheels will continue to use the classic Campagnolo freehub. We cannot guarantee the same for third party wheels so, in case you will buy another brand's rim brake wheel with the N3W freehub and intend to use it on a Campagnolo rim brake drivetrain remember to purchase the AC21-N3W adapter because all our rim brake drivetrains have cassettes that start with 11/12 sprocket.
All Campagnolo wheels are constructed to meet the highest standards of resistance and durability. If the total weight of yourself, your bicycle and any accessories exceeds 120 kg/265 lbs it is recommended not to use these wheels. Non compliance with this warning can damage the product irreversibly. Check with your mechanic to discuss whether the wheels you selected are suitable for your use, and to determine the frequency of inspections. Using tires with a larger diameter and a frame that respects the standards will help to increase the lifetime of the wheels.
2-Way Fit is the wheel profile that allows you to fit either a tubeless tire or a classic clincher tire. So you can fit the valves for tubeless tires and normal clincher tires with the same effectiveness.
Cult represents the evolution that Campagnolo has engraved on its concept of ceramic balls. It is an acronym for Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology and these bearings must be periodically cleaned and lubricated only using synthetic oil for bearings.
This refers to tyres made specifically for fitting, without inner tube, on a dedicated rim.
These are tyres that are not airtight, designed for pairing with tubeless rims. Liquid sealant must be used to make the tyre airtight and usable without an inner tube.
The ring nut is used to optimally adjust the smoothness of the balls in the bearing. To take maximum advantage of this system, it must be adjusted correctly in order to minimise friction. If tightened too much, it can damage the cups and cones of the bearing itself. We therefore recommend contacting a Campagnolo Pro Shop to have it adjusted properly.
Always check the pad-rim compatibility indicated on the packaging of the brake pads and in the compatibility table available on this website. The use of brake pads other than those specified could seriously damage the rim.

For CULT bearings, use synthetic oil with these characteristics: 

  • Fully synthetic
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Good wear protection
  • Solvent-free

For all other types of bearing (USB, standard), use synthetic lubricant grease. 

To protect the racks and ratchets from rust and reduce the noise, use synthetic lithium-based grease.
There is a rim-width-tyre-width compatibility table in the “Technical Specifications” chapter of the User Manual that comes with the tyres. The manuals are also available on this website. Please note that as of December 2021, a new rim-tyre-pressure compatibility table has been added for some wheels in the range. This table can be viewed in the “Support/Documentation/Compatibility tables”
The AC21-N3W adapter package contains: • the adapter - a metal ring for length extension • the Z11 lockring - a longer lockring compared to the standard one that comes with the cassettes since it has to reach a deeper thread on the freehub after the ring installation. Lockrings that come with 10, 11 and 12 speed cassettes do not work when these cassettes are installed on N3W freehub + adapter as they won't SAFELY reach the internal thread of the freehub. Hence, the full adapter kit comes ready to fit all our cassettes starting with 11 sprocket (11, 12 and also 10 speed). For those wanting to assemble a cassette starting with 12 sprocket we have a specific lockring available as spare part
These replacement parts are available from our Campy Code stores, Campagnolo Pro-Shops and dealers. To find the specifications you need, we recommend that you consult the Campagnolo replacement parts catalogue.
The weight specifications are shown on the page for every wheel or component as well as in the Campagnolo catalogue.
As of January 2021, it is no longer necessary to use only Schwalbe tubeless tyres when converting to tubeless. See the updated procedure in the "Support/Documentation/Technical Manuals" area
The AC21-N3W adapter will be already present in all the wheels that we introduce as road or all-rounder (endurance category), like SHAMAL CARBON, since they can be used both with drivetrains involving cassettes with 9 and 10 sprocket start, like Ekar (without the adapter), and with drivetrains involving cassettes with 11 and 12 sprocket start (with the adapter).
All our new wheels, starting from SHAMAL CARBON DB, will have the N3W freehub.
Because the rim sections of these wheels have a different geometry which does not allow the use of tyres with a particularly narrow cross-section, as set out in the table.
No, the existing wheels won't be directly equipped with N3W. They will be kept the same until the end of their life cycle and then replaced by new models N3W native. The main reason is that they were not developed as gravel specific products so we are not going to push their use with EKAR. We are riders though and we do understand the need of every consumer to save what they have already purchased and use it with a new drivetrain and the wish to switch the wheels between one bike and the other. That's why we created the conversion kits and the adapter.
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