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Info about Campagnolo wheels
Campagnolo also means excellence in the street and triathlon crono bicycle wheel sectors. Super smooth hubs, cutting-edge machining and composite materials are just a few of the aspects that make Campagnolo wheels the best performers on the market.
NO, both the disc and the brake system must be CAMPAGNOLO.
NO, both the disc and the brake system must be CAMPAGNOLO.
Campagnolo and Certilogo® against counterfeiting: a tangible answer that protects our clients’ safety and purchases.
Absolutely yes, they must be cleaned and lubricated with synthetic oil according to the periodic maintenance table.
All Campagnolo wheels are constructed to meet the highest standards of resistance and durability. If you weigh over 109 kg/240 lbs we advise you not to use this product. Non compliance with this warning can damage the product irreversibly. If you weigh 82 kg/180 lbs or more, you must be especially vigilant and have your bicycle inspected more frequently (than someone weighing less than 82 kg/180 lbs). Check with your mechanic to discuss whether the wheels you selected are suitable for your use, and to determine the frequency of inspections. Using tires with a larger diameter and a frame that respects the standards will help to increase the lifetime of the wheels.
2-Way Fit is the wheel profile that allows you to fit either a tubeless tire or a classic clincher tire. So you can fit the valves for tubeless tires and normal clincher tires with the same effectiveness.
Cult represents the evolution that Campagnolo has engraved on its concept of ceramic balls. It is an acronym for Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology and these bearings must be periodically cleaned and lubricated only using synthetic oil for bearings.

For CULT bearings, use synthetic oil with these characteristics: 

  • Fully synthetic
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Good wear protection
  • Solvent-free

For all other types of bearing (USB, standard), use synthetic lubricant grease. 

To protect the racks and ratchets from rust and reduce the noise, use synthetic lithium-based grease.
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