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Carbon wheels for racing bicycles

Carbon wheels for road bicycles

Campagnolo's carbon wheels are unrivalled: light, aerodynamic and smooth rolling, with unprecedented braking performance for a unique riding experience. The technical features, quality and carbon workmanship make it one of the best carbon wheels for racing bicycles.

Campagnolo's range of carbon wheels offer solutions to meet all needs.

The completely revamped Bora family offers a broad range of deep and mid-profile carbon wheels. Rim width has been increased to better adapt to the new tyres available on the market, guaranteeing maximum safety, aerodynamics and comfort. The new AC3 textured brake surface guarantees cyclists excellent braking in any weather conditions.

Bora carbon wheels are available both for tubular tyres and clinchers. You no longer need to worry about getting a punctured tyre during training, as of today you can use your full-carbon wheel whenever you go out cycling!

Then there are the Hyperon Ultra Two wheels, which guarantee unprecedented performance, especially on climbs, thanks to their low profile.

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