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X.P.S.S.™ Extreme Performance Shifting System



X.P.S.S.™ is the embodiment of a project conceived with a very specific objective: to give the new Campagnolo 12-speed groupsets the best possible derailing performance. And the Campy Tech Lab™ has hit the mark once again.

The ascent and descent zones on the chainrings have been designed down to the smallest detail, using mathematical simulation programmes that reproduce the potential movements of the chain on the chainrings and draw the ideal angles of these. Repeated tests in the laboratory have enabled the speed and precision of derailings to be optimised. The profile of the chainring teeth has also been revised in order to render the action of these even more effective, and to ensure that they are perfectly in tune with the 12 Speed chain and the new front derailleur. All of these improvements enable a 25% increase in derailing under load and and a 20% the fluidity of shifting.

Indeed, the secret of this amazing result is the perfect combination and integration of all the components of the drivetrain: each of these is designed to work and function perfectly with the others - this is what enables you to enjoy the extraordinary performance that the new X.P.S.S. system offers.

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