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To guarantee maximum assistance and competence in the choice, installation and maintenance of Campagnolo products, we recommend you buy them from Campagnolo Pro-Shop or Campy CODE stores. Find your nearest Campagnolo store. As an alternative, all Campagnolo products, parts, groupsets and wheels are also available in the best cycling stores
For any problem, request or inquiry, we recommend you contact a Campagnolo Pro-Shop or Campy CODE store. Find your nearest store. Professionalism, competence and enthusiasm make these Campagnolo selected stores stand out. Not only can they deal with any problem you may have, but they also interface directly with our company. If there is no Campagnolo selected store near you, you can however contact the best cycling stores in your area or contact the reference service center via our contacts page.
Campagnolo guarantees its products for three years from the date of purchase.

Knowledge Base

Company Info

Vision, history, production facilities and events. Discover the world of Campagnolo.

Trade Info

Discover the Campagnolo Campy CODE/Pro-Shops and the Campagnolo service network.

Info on Campagnolo electronic groupsets

Curiosity and information relating to the new Campagnolo EPS electronic groups.

Info on Campagnolo mechanical groupsets

Learn everything there is to know about the Campagnolo mechanical groups.

Info on Campagnolo wheels

Maintenance, care, advice and details about the world of Campagnolo wheels.

Info on Disc Brake hydraulic systems

Details and info regarding component interchangeability


Check out new Campagnolo products, browse our catalogues
All the details for Campagnolo sales codes and product prices
Weights, configurations and variants for all the Campagnolo components, groupsets and wheels
The user manual gives you all the info you need for use and maintenance of your Campagnolo component or wheel
Here you will find all the spare part codes for Campagnolo components and wheels together with exploded views of each article
Technical data, procedures, technical characteristics, compatibility, interface, fitting and maintenance of all Campagnolo products
Here you will find all the information about your Campagnolo product warranty
Here you will find the product codes for the components to be ordered for mechanical and EPS drivetrains
Here you will find useful information regarding your Campagnolo product

Video Tutorial

Tutorial video for EPS electronic drivetrains

All the tutorial videos for fitting, regulation and use of Super Record EPS, Record EPS, Chorus EPS and Athena EPS electronic drivetrains

Tutorial videos for 10- and 11- and 12- and 13-speed mechanical drivetrains

All the tutorial videos for fitting, regulation and use of Ekar and Super Record, Record, Chorus, Athena, Centaur and Veloce mechanical drivetrains

Tutorial videos for Campagnolo wheels

All the tutorial videos for fitting, care and maintenance of Campagnolo wheels

Video tutorial on Disc Brake hydraulic systems

Discover all video tutorials on installing, filling and bleeding hydraulic systems and overhauling Ergopower units. Find out also how to adjust the brake lever.


Need help?

Find your nearest Campagnolo Pro-Shop. They will be able to offer you all the assistance and help that you need

Where can I buy?

Professionalism, seriousness, competence and advice: these are the prerogatives that welcome you in all of our Campy CODE shops and Campagnolo Pro-Shops.


Campagnolo S.R.L.
Via della Chimica, 4 / 36100 Vicenza, Italy
Tel +39 0444 225500 / Fax +39 0444 225400

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