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It is a general consensus of opinion within the cycling world is that one of the major drawbacks of the carbon fi bre racing rim is the reduced rim braking performance in the wet. To combat this problem Campagnolo® has developed the All Conditions Carbon Control, or AC3™ Technology.

The introduction of the meticulously researched textured design of the rim brake area creates a surefooted stopping power that is reliable and potent no matter what the weather will throw at you. On the Campagnolo® Bora™ rim brake wheelset range, under dry conditions, the new technology increases braking performance by 3% compared to the previous Bora™ while increasing the distance from its closest competitor by over 6%. However, it is when the weather conditions deteriorate that the AC3™ technology permits the Bora™ to excel increasing braking performance an astonishing 43% over previous Campagnolo® models.

The powerful braking of AC3™ represents a nearly 55% performance gap over that of its closest competitor making for a signifi cant advantage when the heat of the race is on.

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