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Campagnolo Performance Apparel Autumn / Winter 2018

8 November 2018
Campagnolo Performance Apparel Autumn / Winter 2018

Campagnolo presents its new line of winter cycling wear.

The Campagnolo technical wear range sees the addition of a new winter cycling apparel line, available from the Campagnolo e-store.

Technology and performance are, as always, the main characteristics of these new items.

The materials used as some of the best available today, selected specifically to meet three main needs simultaneously: protection, breathability and fit.

Technology and solutions adopted during creation of the garments guarantee top performance, with ultrasound even being used for some of the stitching.

The Campagnolo Performance Apparel line for the winter is much more: it is design, it is made in Italy, it is perfect Campagnolo style.

Choices made for the look are both appealing and distinctive, aggressive and discreet, traditional and innovative.

The result is simply amazing and this sensation only increases when the garments are worn.

Fit is studied right down to the smallest details, not only with research into the best solution for each part of the garment, but also combining use of different fabrics to create the best possible technological solution.

And then there are the details, those must-have, unique, carefully conceived elements that turn each Campagnolo product into a rich meaningful experience.

Campagnolo Jerseys #AW18

There are three new Campagnolo winter jerseys, each one with its own unique characteristics.ù












The C-Tech Aero Winter Jersey has been conceived for high speeds even in the most difficult of conditions. Designed to guarantee maximum aerodynamics, it ensures protection and unique fit thanks to extremely thin special fabrics.

Aggressive in character, the Titanio Winter Jersey offers close fit and guarantees maximum protection from the cold and bad weather. Available in two different colors, a more elegant black and livelier blue.

The Palladio Winter Jersey is a must, the perfect mix of technology and iconic design. But this is not just a good-looking garment. The Palladio jersey is unique in its ability to take a natural material like wool and give it excellent performance characteristics.

Campagnolo Winter Jackets #AW18

For riding in the cold and bad weather conditions, an excellent winter jacket is a must for any cyclist.

Again in this case, Campagnolo has 3 different thermal solutions specifically designed to meet all your winter requirements.










The C-Tech Winter Jacket is a water-resistant garment that guarantees excellent thermo-regulation for the body and optimum fit. Use of different fabrics for the different parts of this garment ensures the best balance of aerodynamic performance and protection from the weather.

The Platino Winter Jacket is an innovative product also classed as a jersey-jacket precisely because it offers the best balance of protection and fit. Ideal for all high-intensity training sessions, especially when temperatures drop, or for spring and autumn rides in changing weather conditions.

The Titanio Thermal Jacket guarantees maximum comfort on long cold rides. Its main objective is to protect from the harshest temperatures. This is a thermal jacket that guarantees the best thermo-regulation for the body, also thanks to the use of highly breathable fabrics positioned to ensure excellent sweat-wicking.

Campagnolo Winter Bibs #AW18

The Campagnolo Performance Apparel winter line also includes 4 new winter bibs.

The two models available come in a both a bib shorts and bib tights version.

The C-Tech Winter Bib Short and C-Tech Winter Bib Tight are top of the range products and offer the best of what is available today.

The Magnesio Winter Bib Short and Magnesio Winter Bib Tight guarantee excellent thermal protection thanks to warm, compact, flexible fabrics.












Campagnolo Winter Accessories #AW18

The Campagnolo cycling apparel line is rounded out by a wide assortment of thermal accessories.

The ProTemp line expands further to include 5 new products: ProTemp Winter Arm Warmers, ProTemp Winter Leg Warmers, C-Tech Winter Gloves, ProTemp Winter Shoecover and the innovative ProTemp Toe Covers.

Campagnolo technical base layers










Protection from the external environment is just as important as best management of the energy produced by our bodies, especially on hard rides in unfavorable weather conditions.

This is why Campagnolo also has two new cycling base layers both with unique characteristics.










The Litech Mesh Base Layer has a mesh structure for race fit and maximum breathability, with a view to absorbing sweat as efficiently as possible and therefore guaranteeing quick drying of the layer in direct contact with the cyclist’s body.

The Litech Merino Base Layer is warm, breathable and anti-bacterial. These characteristics are ensured thanks to use of a prestigious merino wool fabric with a modern blend that is excellent for heat insulation, skin breathability and water resistance.

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