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Bora Ultra TT

18 July 2016
Bora Ultra TT

Bora Ultra TT is the only true choice for victory against the clock.

Campagnolo’s dedication to producing fine performance wheelworks that represent a competitive advantage to those athletes lucky enough to ride them means that even a victorious wheel is constantly under scrutiny by the engineering staff of the Italian company. The Bora Ultra TT was borne from a desire to improve even further upon the winningest disc wheel in history, the Ghibli. With such a fabulous palmarès, improving upon the Ghibli was to prove no small feat. However, the Bora Ultra TT gained credibility as a more than worthy change of the guard as it too began recording several memorable performances as soon as it was put to test in world class competition. Following in the same spirit of continuous innovation and improvement, this universally respected TT wheel was revisited by the Campagnolo engineering staff to make a race winning wheel even more competitive. Introducing the new BORA ULTRA TT. The newest version of this extremely successful disc wheel comes forward with improvements in areas where its previous version was already class leading. Already one of the lightest disc wheels available, the new version tips the scales at a mere 864 grams…111 grams lighter than its predecessor! Despite its featherweight construction the R&D staff were able to ensure the same tried and true reliability and long lasting performance associated with all products bearing the Campagnolo name. Weight reduction aids with reactivity as rotational mass is reduced, thus allowing for quicker changes in velocity in addition to less weight to pull up inclines. This performance advantage is coupled with an increase in rigidity to ensure the most efficient power transfer and reactivity possible. Not only is the new version of the Bora Ultra TT more rigid and reactive than its predecessor, the improvements made render it 8% more rigid than its closest competitor.

Taking into account the different style frames with which this wheel is generally used, great lengths were taken to optimize the structure and layout of the carbon construction of the wheel for TT bikes. With a great deal of TT bikes locating their brakes near the bottom bracket to increase aerodynamic efficiency, Campagnolo engineers noted a higher degree of flex of the wheel in that general area when under heavy load. To eliminate the possibility of brake rub and thus reduced efficiency the carbon fiber layup and construction was modified in a way to ensure the lowest amount of movement of the affected area even under the heaviest loads. In other words, not only is the new Bora Ultra TT lighter and stiffer, but also optimized with use for TT frames to ensure maximum efficiency. The Campagnolo Bora Ultra TT, soon to be seen under the top riders in the World Tour, is now even more efficient than ever. A wheel that already pushed the limits of what was possible in a TT wheel now moves those limits even farther ahead. Bora Ultra TT is the only true choice for victory against the clock.
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