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H.U.L.C. and C-LUX

27 April 2021
H.U.L.C. and C-LUX

Unique style and lower weight.

The Bora Ultra WTO rims are the lightest that Campagnolo have ever made in each depth, thanks to the new Handmade Ultra-Light Carbon (H.U.L.C.) process.

An evolution of the unique rim moulding process that has been perfected utilising Campagnolo’s 25 years of carbon manufacturing experience, H.U.L.C. optimises the moulding profiles, and the quantity of carbon fibre and proprietary resin used.

This results in even lighter rims, which still deliver identical stiffness and improved mechanical resistance, when compared to the already excellent non-H.U.L.C. rims.

Campagnolo’s rims always have a defect-free finish, but, in the never-ending quest for perfection, Bora Ultra WTO rims introduce the new C-LUX, or Campagnolo Luxury, finish.

C-LUX is an evolution of the already premium finish of Campagnolo carbon rims. Their high gloss, mirror-like surface is exactly as the carbon comes out of the mould.

Following parameters refined over 25 years of carbon manufacturing experience, with maniacal quality inspection of individual elements throughout the process, and extreme tooling and manufacturing precision, Campagnolo’s internal moulding process produces rims without imperfections.

Therefore, there’s no need to sand the rims in order to apply additional paint or clearcoat varnish to cover them, creating rims with unique style and lower weight.

C-LUX creates the same high gloss surface finish on all external faces of the rim, including the rim bed and tyre hooks.

As well as the clearly visible aesthetic advancements, we optimised our standard moulding process to improve the accuracy of the rim dimensions and the hooks of our tubeless compatible (2-Way Fit) profile.

By guaranteeing a more precise wheel diameter, and ensuring the safety elements are perfectly formed, we are able to promise easier assembly and, by improving their match with the rim interface, tubeless tyres will seal better, conform more easily when rolling, and should last longer.

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