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MyCampy: a continually evolving world

25 September 2016
Products Campagnolo MyCampy: a continually evolving world

MyCampy is not just an app, not just a site. It is a Campangolo-brand world of technology and innovation.

Since its launch, the MyCampy project has followed a path of continual innovation, adding new functions and improvements, many of them important, some visible to the eye of the end user, other less.

The project has therefore followed various stages of development, both in the world of mobile apps and on the web.



We have worked hard on the whole MyGarage project, our priority being to make managing bikes and all related components as intuitive as possible.

Thanks to a simple process divided into 5 stages, users can now recreate their bikes and related components on the platform, thus benefitting from all the use analyses of their material.

This function is extended to all cyclists, whether they use Campagnolo products or not.

MyGarage obviously provides additional functions for clients who use Campagnolo wheels and groupsets, such as the notification center. Users can in this way receive advice and notifications regarding maintenance of their Campagnolo products.



Importing sessions on your bike has never simpler.

All routes registered using your app are automatically also available at, and from today you can also synchronize your activity with your Garmin Connect profile or import all your files in .gpx and .fit format. Got to MySession and simply drag your file onto the session page.

But that’s not all!

We have also redesigned the detail page for each session. Analyzing your performance and your shifting (if you have a Campagnolo EPS V3 electronic groupset) is now even easier.

Select and analyze every single segment, filter data by gear combination and you will receive in-depth analysis with use of the gear inch ratio table.

For example, you could select the part of the route when you were using a 34-29 combination, or highlight one single uphill stretch and analyse how you moved on the cassette, which chainrings you used the most and how you performed for each configuration.



The Campagnolo Super Record EPS and Record EPS electronic groupsets are the maximum expression of technology as far as concerns the world of transmissions for racing bikes. They are the first Campagnolo products able to go beyond their tangible characteristics and embrace the digital world.

The MyCampy app and the MyEPS function in particular lets you use the controls to personalize how your Campagnolo EPS V3 electronic groupset works, configure both shifting parameters and multishifting settings and how you interact with the groupset.

You can save your favorite configuration or choose a preloaded one. We have gone even further and you can now add the firmware of your Campagnolo EPS V3 groupset directly from home and with your smartphone (check you have installed at least the Power Unit* version of the firmware).


Scope of our development

We are working on various aspects, on the one hand continual improvement of the existing functions and interface and, on the other, implementation of the new functions.

First of all, December will see the release of the MyCampy app for Windows Phone. This will mean we can provide MyCampy technology to all users. We therefore recommend you check the list of compatible devices.

Over the next few weeks we will be:

  • Implementing time in movement calculation with a view to calculating the average speed of the session, considering pedaling time alone;
  • Optimizing calculation of altitudes and differences in altitude for sessions registered using smartphones and the MyCampy app;
  • Developing compatibility with other bike computers apart from the Garmin Edge 520, Edge 820 and Edge1000;
  • Implementing the option to rename sessions;
  • Implementing the option of viewing all data either in metric or imperial units;
  • Further implementing stability of the iOS and Android apps and compatibility with the various smartphones available on the market.

Check out the world of MyCampy, download the iOS or Android app and create an account using your Facebook, Google or Strava account, or register with a new Campagnolo account.

Visit and analyze your sessions, check the wear and tear of your bikes and achieve new levels of cycling experience.

Continue to follow MyCampy, we have lots of news in store for you.

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