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Portraits - Interview with Marta Bastianelli

21 September 2022
Portraits - Marta Bastianelli

Portraits is the new series of interviews with the UAE ADQ team athletes who aim to be a source of inspiration for cyclists from all over the world.

Marta Bastianelli is an icon of women’s cycling. 

The UAE Team ADQ rider is 35 but age has proven just a number.

She uses Campagnolo Super Record EPS and Bora Ultra WTO wheels and is the perfect ambassador, representing Campagnolo’s desire for cyclists of all levels to dream bigger and ride stronger.

"It is very difficult to emerge in a predominantly male sport and this has always been especially so for us cyclists because unfortunately women’s cycling has never been a top level sport like the men’s, but we are lucky because over the past few years we have taken giant steps and so we are really proud of what we are doing. "

"My experience and all the years of sacrifice and races I have cycled over these years can definitely help youngsters. Women’s cycling is, as we said, growing but it also needs lots of experience because winning races is not just a question of legs, it also about your head. And therefore I believe that if I can provide support from this point of view I cannot but be satisfied with the work I have done over all these years."


Stay tuned for more profiles with ​Portraits!


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