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Campagnolo and Gran Fondo San Diego

15 marzo 2013
Eventos Campagnolo Campagnolo and Gran Fondo San Diego
San Diego, CA

Organizers announced today that Campagnolo, the iconic manufacturer of cycling components and wheels, is the title sponsor of the Campagnolo Gran Fondo San Diego, scheduled for April 14, 2013.

"Campagnolo has a rich history with Gran Fondo riding, and it stands for fine Italian innovation and quality.
Their sponsorship brings us to a new level," said Tobias Panek, the owner of the event.
"We couldn't be happier to welcome Campagnolo as our title sponsor. It's a perfect fit."

Campagnolo North America Director Tom Kattus agreed, stating, "We've been involved with the Gran Fondo in San Diego since its first year, because we believe in the fun and challenge of Gran Fondos. This is a hometown event for us.
As its title sponsor, we look forward to increasing our connection with riders of all levels, from beginner to competitive enthusiast."

See you on April 14, 2013.

Hurry Up! The race is limited to 2000 riders.
Register now!!!
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