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Kristoff wins GP Argovia
7 junio 2018
Kristoff wins GP Argovia

Norwegian Alexander Kristoff sprinted to victory in the GP du canton d’Argovie in Switzerland today and brought his 2018 tally to four.

UAE Team Emirates’s European champion, atop on his Colnago bike fully equipped Campagnolo, could unleash his powerful surge thanks to his companions. He gapped his nearest rivals Francesco Gavazzi and Marco Canola.

Alexander Kristoff: “This is my fourth win of the season, but normally I’d have more already at this point so I put a lot of weight behind this race. For me and the entire team it’s important to show our jersey and promote cycling in the UAE – there’s no better way than to win. Thanks to the team for controlling the race and taking me to the final kilometres in the best position for the sprint. And I remembered this final, it was the same as the Tour de Suisse sprint finish in 2013, a WorldTour race.”



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