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Victor Campenaerts sets new UCI World Hour Record
16 abril 2019
Victor Campenaerts sets new UCI World Hour Record

The Lotto Soudal rider makes history.

Victor Campenaerts wrote a piece of cycling history on the Velodromo Bicentenario in Aguascalientes today. The Lotto Soudal rider covered 55.089 kilometres in one hour and beat the previous record, set by Bradley Wiggins in 2015, by over 500 metres. That way, Victor Campenaerts can call himself, after months of training and preparation, the new holder of the UCI Hour Record! At 18 o’clock sharp (CET), the European time trial champion began his hour of truth. After a careful start, Campenaerts was already on track to break the Hour Record only moments later. The Belgian constantly rode at a pace of 55 kilometres an hour during the attempt. During the final fifteen minutes, it seemed like Campenaerts had a difficult moment, but the Lotto Soudal rider still had some energy left to accelerate at the end. Eventually, Campenaerts crossed the magical 55-kilometre border and was crowned the new UCI Hour Record holder with a distance of 55.089 kilometres!

His fantastic Ridley frame, jokingly named the Flying Moustache, is an engineering gem and is made even faster by the use of finely crafted Campagnolo transmission and Campagnolo Ghibli wheels.

Victor Campenaerts: “It gives me great satisfaction to see the months of preparation being rewarded. Today, everything fell into place. The entire Lotto Soudal team supported me in this mission, which of course created the necessary pressure. But that motivated me even more to make it something special.”


photo: Lotto Soudal -Facepeeters

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