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Le panier est vide

Eroica and Campagnolo united against Covid-19 #STOPCORONA

12 mai 2020
Eroica and Campagnolo united against Covid-19 #STOPCORONA

While we wait to get back in the saddle, let’s give a hand to those who need it. 

Eroica involves its community in solidarity activities by re-establishing out Triboom page, creating two sections dedicated to the fight against the Corona Virus. To begin with, Eroica have allocated €4,000 for 2 projects that we invite you all to endorse with us: one is Doctors without Borders, the other Santini, for the production of protective face masks.

L’Eroica is made of simple things; a bicycle, a long stretch of white road, a wool jersey. L’Eroica eats simple foods; ribollita soup, bread and sausage, a glass of wine. At L’Eroica a smile is exchanged, a handshake and a salute; see you soon, in another beautiful part of the world. At this critical time, all of these things are suspended in our memories and dreams. While we wait to get back in the saddle, let’s give a hand to those who need it. According to Giancarlo Brocci, L’Eroica is made of "rare humanity and special people". Now is the time to prove it!

Campagnolo has offered the iconic object par excellence, the famous BIG corkscrew, a small jewel of mechanics. A precision instrument made in the same factory as the high-end bicycle components.

All of the "rewards" in this fundraising campaign have been donated by sponsors of L'Eroica, by L'Eroica itself and by other donors. The entire proceeds will be donated. The "rewards" will be delivered once the health emergency is over and ordinary commercial activities have been restored.

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