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The growing Bora™ WTO family

17 March 2019
The growing Bora™ WTO family

Two New Wheelsets Increase Extreme Aero Offering


The introduction of the BORA WTO wheelsets marked a new era in terms of aerodynamic carbon wheelworks. Taking the finest all-around carbon fiber racing wheelset and giving it a more specific role allowed the Bora WTO to claim the title of the most efficient wheelset when compared to wheels of similar rim depth. The benefits of this new standard in efficiency however should not be limited to the two original rim depths developed by the Campagnolo engineering staff and, in order to improve the cycling experience across a larger audience, two new projects were launched in order to bring about two new members of the WTO family. Now serious athletes looking for the maximum in terms of efficiency can choose between the Bora WTO 77, Bora WTO 60 and the all-new Bora WTO 45.

The Bora WTO 45 stands out amongst the current line-up for its extreme versatility. First and foremost that versatility comes from the fact that the Bora WTO 45 is available as not one but two different wheelsets. Available in both rim and disc brake formats the gold standard in efficient wheelworks is now compatible with the growing number of DB specific frames amongst riders both professional and amateur. Two separate wheels, two separate projects yet one unique philosophy and one unique development group. While certainly not the only element in an efficient wheel, the rim is certainly the largest component in the build and as a result the recipient of a great deal of attention in terms of development. The Campagnolo carbon fiber Bora WTO rims represent the maximum in terms of not only aerodynamic profile design but versatile aerodynamic design. If a wheel is to provide greater aero efficiency it must do so in real world conditions which present many variables and very few constants. Mother Nature does not create wind in a uniform manner or from the same direction. At the same time, racecourses aren’t typically straight nor do riders maintain a perfect position as if in the wind tunnel atop a trainer. With that in mind, Campagnolo engineers set about to account for all of these variables in what has come to represent perhaps the most comprehensive aerodynamic study ever performed by the company to produce wheels that are WIND TUNNEL OPTIMIZED for real world conditions.

The Bora WTO 45 carbon fiber rim takes a versatile aerodynamic design and adds an even more versatile rim depth making for a wheelset that is even better poised to take on varied terrain, courses and conditions. The lower profile is even more adept at slipping through side winds and confers an even higher degree of handling when averse and variable wind conditions are at play. The Bora WTO rim shape at both 77 and 60mm is efficient to the point that it not only reduces drag, but at certain angles is capable of reducing it to the point of negative drag, almost pushing the wheel forward. The 45mm rim depth on the other hand confers a similar performance advantage while doing so in a more versatile and lighter weight package.

While most aero projects concentrate solely on the rim, the WTO project took a comprehensive look at the entire wheel, ensuring that all components in its build confer aerodynamic efficiencies to the complete unit. To complement the new standard in aero rims both the hub and the spokes were redesigned to ensure a complete aero unit. The Bora WTO 45 incorporates the same aero hubs and spokes first seen on the WTO 77 and 60mm wheels. In the case of the disc brake version this hub comes as the fruit of a great deal of research and labor to combine the design elements of the WTO for rim brakes with the unique demands of an asymmetric disc brake wheel. G3 spoke lacing on both rear and front wheels render the asymmetric braking of the db wheel more symmetric in performance and also allow for optimized spoke tensions for both left and right sides. Both rim and disc hubs are constructed from aluminum and follow the same design premise of the rim in that it must be aerodynamically efficient in a versatile manner. Slimmer towards the center and growing in width towards the flanges where it connects with new 3D aero profile spokes. The efficient wheel is appreciated when out on the road, and as such must be tested, developed and conceived considering the tire with which it is built. The research into making a more efficient rim already called for a wider stance in general but the 19mm inner width provided the multiple benefit of a better performing rim design, better fit with the larger tire sizes (25 and 28mm while compatible also with 23mm) and an overall more efficient complete unit (tire + rim).  The wider stance allows the tire to take on a more aerodynamic shape and as such, allows for the tire to become efficient in terms of drag as well. The 19mm inner width is uniform across all 4 wheels of the WTO family. While boosting aero efficiency is paramount, reducing rolling resistance pays significant dividends as well. One simple way to improve rolling efficiency is to add extremely efficient bearings. The Bora WTO 77 comes equipped with CULT ceramic bearings, perhaps the most efficient solution on the market (9 times more efficient than standard steel bearings). The Bora 45 WTO and Bora 45 WTO DB join the Bora 60 WTO as they roll smoothly atop USB ceramic bearings. Rolling resistance is created inside the hub but the friction between the tire and the road must be overcome to create forward movement as well. Rolling resistance varies depending on the type of tire being used and as such the WTO wheel family is constructed in a way to allow the use of the two most efficient tire solutions possible. The Bora 45 WTO and Bora 45 WTO DB incorporate the same carbon fiber 2-WAY-FIT profile in order to offer the possibility to choose between tubeless and clincher tires, with no need for additional material or conversions.

The new, complete range of WTO represents not only the most efficient wheels possible in terms of aerodynamic performance and low rolling resistance but by do so while maintaining an additional focus on weight, making for an ever more efficient total structure. Lighter wheels make for faster changes in speed that require less energy to move as a result of lower rotational mass. Campagnolo carbon expertise allows for the 77mm and 60mm rim to perform its task at a lower weight than comparable rim heights from competitors. The 45mm are no different as both rim and disc versions are on par or lighter than the lightest wheels of similar rim depth.  The hubs, made from aerospace grade alloys and engineered to reduce every unnecessary milligram from their construction also contribute to the scant weight of the overall wheel. Whereas the 77 and 60 represent true featherweights when compared against even the lightest wheels at their rim depth, the 45 enters into a very competitive segment in terms of weight. Despite the fact that at 45mm it is set against competing wheels based on weight alone, or on weight and minimal aero efficiency…the 45 tips the scales at a scant 1.496 grams. The disc brake version on the other hand 1.520  grams. Reducing the weight to a minimum on both wheelsets is a feat in and of itself but doing so while maintaining Campagnolo strict standards in terms of safety and reliability makes these two wheels engineering examples worthy of every accolade they receive. Safety and reliability however does not only come from sound construction but also via a heightened degree of control with which to harness the speed of the fastest wheels on the road. The rim brake version of the WTO 45 incorporates the same AC3 braking surface as found on the WTO 77 and WTO 60 wheels. The AC3 technology confers a “best in class” braking performance and its extreme control in all conditions makes it an imperative addition to all Campagnolo carbon fiber racing wheels. The disc brake version however takes advantage of the industry leading brake performance of the Campagnolo disc brake groupsets, transferring asymmetric input into efficient and symmetric control and reactivity.

The Bora name is prestigious and with a long and extremely successful past and present, it has earned its good name repeatedly. The WTO project has proven itself worthy of being associated with this long pedigree of reliable performance solutions by setting yet another standard for the cycling industry. The Bora WTO family proudly joins the elite club of Bora wheels and Campagnolo is extremely pleased to announce that this prestigious family is growing. With the Bora WTO 45 and Bora WTO 45 DB there is now an extremely efficient carbon fiber racing wheel solution for all preferences and frame types. The new standard is here and now in numbers. Its name is BORA WTO.



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