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Portraits - Interview with Erica Magnaldi

23 October 2022
Portraits - Interview with Erica Magnaldi

Portraits is the new series of interviews with the UAE ADQ team athletes who aim to be a source of inspiration for cyclists from all over the world.

Erica Magnaldi is one of the most important athletes of the Italian movement.

The Italian athlete has achieved several awards, including a 3rd place at the Mediterranean Games, a 10th place at the GC Giro Donne, a stage victory at the Tour de l'Ardèche and a double call-up to the World Championships.

"To get to my level, it takes a lot of dedication, a lot of commitment, a lot of passion. I guess you could say that when you are passionate about something, it stops being a sacrifice, because it becomes what you want to do and what you enjoy doing. In reality, balancing sport and study has never been a major burden for me. In fact, I believe that these two things work well together, they almost help each other. Sport has always been a good outlet for me during my hours of study, and has subsequently helped me to concentrate even better on my books, so I think people should be encouraged to do both together. "

"Being able to be part of the UAE ADQ project was certainly a great source of satisfaction for me. However, I also knew that I had responsibilities, that I was playing an important role, taking on a new challenge. It is certainly a pleasure to wear these colours. "

Stay tuned for more profiles with ​Portraits!

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