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17 May 2021

An essential element of the Bora Ultra WTO, these all-new hubs are the focal point for each wheel’s performance.

With its dual requirements of resisting the immense torque applied through the drivetrain and freehub, plus the opposing forces of the disc brake, the rear hub is necessarily of monobloc aluminium construction.

The drive side flange is oversized for greater torque resistance, and to align the G3 spokes, and it is also narrower.



Both front and rear Bora Ultra WTO hubs feature subtle and classy Dark Copper Shaded (DCS) CULT graphics, which selectively reflect light, giving an alternately bright copper, or desaturated effect, depending on the viewing angle and light conditions.

The front hub features an asymmetric hourglass-shaped carbon fibre body, incorporating the non-disc side radial spoke flange.

The disc side has an oversized, narrowed aluminium flange, which absorbs 100% of the torsional braking load, and is bonded to the carbon hub body using aerospace standard gluing system.



The carbon hub’s complex, centrally slimmed shape is aerodynamically designed, and moulded in-house, using a very similar process to that for the Bora Ultra WTO rims.

It therefore shares the stunning C-LUX finish, for consistency, is extremely strong, and very light.



The hubs spin on Campagnolo’s finest CULT ceramic bearings, and perfectly machined stainless steel cups, and the freehub has a 36 tooth oversized ratchet ring, for increased strength and durability, plus rapid engagement.

Along with the slimmer oversized flanges, the double-butted, aero elliptical, straight-pull spokes have slimmed from 1.6mm to 1.5mm in diameter.



Designed by fanatics to be faster, lighter, stronger, more aerodynamic and ultra-efficient, Bora Ultra WTO hubs set a new standard for ultimate performance.

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