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Ekar Rotor

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Ekar Rotor

Ekar's rotors are strong 1.85mm thick stainless tempered steel – staying straight and true long-term even under heavy and sustained braking. A choice of 140 and 160mm diameter rotors are available, to suit your riding style, and offering an additional weight saving potential. With the same caliper and pads, the larger rotor produces greater stopping power thanks to increased heat dissipation over its larger surface area.



Combinations 160 mm - 140 mm
Weight 157 gr (160mm Stainless Steel Spider)/123 gr (140mm Stainless Steel Spider)
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Features & Benefits

Hydraulic system’s internals are shared with Campagnolo’s high-performance ranges – for proven performance

Trusted modulation and progressive feel – perfect for all-road control

Tempered stainless steel rotors – strong, light & resistant to corrosion

140 and 160mm rotors – to suit your riding style and bike


Technical Documentation

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