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EPS V4 Power Unit

EPS V4 12s Power Unit - banner
EPS V4 Power Unit

The new Power Unit, its fairly slender shape making it compatible with all the seat posts on the market, is quick to fit with one of the two different adaptors, the choice of which will depend on the size of the post. Even longer life for this, the sector’s leading battery, thanks to a 10% increase in its charge capacity, meaning it rarely needs charging.


DTI - Digital Tech Intelligence

DTI: Digital Tech Intelligence

The heart and brain of the EPS drivetrain.

On Board Diagnostic

The EPS system is capable of automatically detecting a whole range of malfunctions.
Waterproof -IP67

Waterproof - IP 67

The Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain complies with IP67 international standards.



Weight 135 gr (cables included)
EPS V4 12s Power Unit - small banner

Features & Benefits

New shape

The battery pack and circuit board of the V4 Power Unit are in a sealed unit measuring 259 mm in length and just 16.6 mm in diameter

Can be fitted inside the seat post

Its small diameter (16.6 mm) means the V4 Power Unit can be fitted much faster, inside the seat post using one of the two adaptors available for ø 27.2 or ø 31.6 mm

Adaptor for the seat tube / down tube

Allows the V4 Power Unit to be fitted inside the down tube or the seat tube using the water-bottle cage fasteners

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