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Auto Repositioning

D.T.I.™ technology means that the EPS™ system knows the rear derailleur position and the selected sprocket at all times.

On Board Diagnostic

The EPS system is capable of automatically detecting a whole range of malfunctions.

Waterproof - IP 67

The Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain complies with IP67 international standards.

One lever-One action

The EPS system CONTROL levers are positioned and act according to the same logic as Campagnolo mechanical gear levers.


The design of the body of the control conforms perfectly to your hands

Multi-Dome Technology

Being able to feel the exact instant when they shift with the rear or front derailleur is crucial for a rider.

DTI: Digital Tech Intelligence

The heart and brain of the EPS drivetrain.

UnLock System

A manual rear derailleur release system makes it possible to move the rear derailleur manually into the desired position in the event of a system malfunction

Multishifting Technology

Thanks to the electronic evolution of the Multi-shifting technology, it is possible to obtain multi shifting with 12 gear-cogs.

Riding Settings

The client can adjust the reference position of the rear derailleur and/or derailleur using the adjustment procedure known as Riding Setting.
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