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Campagnolo Riders Club
9 April 2014
Corporate Campagnolo Campagnolo Riders Club
The Campagnolo company has, since the 1930''s, set out to improve the cycling experience for all.
Its dedication to the continuous innovation of cycling components and wheels is born from a deeply rooted passion for the beautiful sport that is cycling. Campagnolo''s passion for the sport has been communicated through the beautiful product coming from the Vicenza factory since the 1930''s to the present day, which translated into a deep rooted connection between the cycling public and the iconic Italian cycling brand.

\rThe Campagnolo enthusiast appreciates a good ride and reliable product but aspires for something more. Something with tradition, italianness and a concept that goes above and beyond the mere product.
They love the beauty, functionality and extreme craftsmanship of the Campagnolo products, not to admire in a shop window, but to put through its paces. Whether it be a classic rod shifter or the most modern version Super Record EPS, Campagnolo products are made to be used and our fans gladly put them to the testâ?¦as it is the ride that brings them joy. \r
A community that holds these beliefs so dear that many are compelled to communicate their dedication to this ideal of cycling through permanent Campagnolo tattoos is a strong one indeed. With such a large and dedicated group of like-minded cyclists, all with their own individual reasons for their love of the brand, but all with one common passion in cycling, there must exist a group which connects them.

\rWith this in mind Campagnolo is proud to present the CAMPAGNOLO RIDERS CLUB.
Cyclists the world over can now show their admiration for the iconic Italian cycling brand but show their fellow Campy lovers just how they use the components and wheels as they pedal.
The CAMPAGNOLO RIDERS CLUB is a place to share epic rides, see how you stack up against Campagnolo sponsored pros, compare your training and racing with that of other members as well as meet fellow Campagnolo lovers.
It is also a great way to interact with Campagnolo as announcements, special events reserved for CAMPAGNOLO RIDERS CLUB members, unique initiatives only for followers and contests will be driven uniquely through this medium.

\rMembership is free and joining is as simple as signing up for Strava if you aren''t already a member. Once on Strava, go to 1) Explore, 2) Clubs and 3) type in Campagnolo Riders Club. Or, simply click the following link or copy and paste it into your web browser: \r
\rBe sure and join today to get in at the beginning of a great experience. You may already be a Campagnolo rider..make it official as a member of the CAMPAGNOLO RIDERS CLUB!\r
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