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“With wings on their wheels”

29 May 2019
“With wings on wheels”

The podcast on cycling in Campagnolo era.


We are pleased to present the project, written by Gino Cervi and produced by Piano P, the Italian podcast platform for quality journalism.

The podcast tells some key moments in the history of Italian and international cycling linked to Campagnolo inventions, transformations and innovations, from the company that for over 85 years has been creating products for fans of this incredible sport.

In six episodes in Vicenza and around Italy you will hear voices, stories and insights on the brand that has made, and continues to do, the history of cycling and cycling. Inventions and patents, raw materials and technological evolutions, sport and market challenges, and communication strategies. 85 years ago Campagnolo changed the course of cycling history forever, while it keeps working to fulfill today’s market needs, addressing constantly an open eye to the future.


Sixth episode


Fifth episode


Fourth episode


Third episode


Second episode


First episode

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