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EPS Electronic Groupset
EPS Electronic Groupset
EPS Electronic Groupset
Mechanical Groupsets
Mechanical Groupsets
Mechanical Groupsets
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Road Racing

Campagnolo was born on the road.

Over 80 years ago Tullio Campagnolo invented the quick-release while fighting himself for victory in a road race. The same passion and determination Campagnolo used for competition on the road was applied to find performance solutions for all cyclists.
From the quick release in the 1930’s to the electronic groupset/transmission of today Campagnolo has dedicated itself to continuously innovating and improving its products to give road cyclists a technical advantage.

The drivetrains, wheels and components have carried the best road athletes from cycling’s past and present to victory in the sport’s most heralded races.
Not only Coppi, Gimondi, Merckx, Nibali, Valverde and Pogačar but also legions of amateurs have trusted the pure performance and reliability of Campagnolo road products during its long and prestigious history.
With the longest history in road racing and a proven track record of technological performance innovations built for the podium, for your road racing there is really only one choice.

Electronic groupsets Road Racing

The Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain introduces you to a whole to world of cycling, where mechanical parts and state of the art electronic technology come together to create a drivetrain with levels of performance and functionality unlike anything you have experienced before. The laser-like precision and lightning-fast shifting  functions flawlessly even under load and can be found  in the top-end Super Record EPS.
Electrify your performance on the road!

Mechanical groupsets Road Racing

Campagnolo has, for over 80 years, sought to push the limits of what is possible to achieve through mechanical shifting.
Road cyclists past and present have trusted the quality craftsmanship and flawless performance of Campagnolo road transmissions in their quests for victory. Fantastic ergonomics, reliable construction, elegant design and, above all, unrivaled functionality make for what is for many the pinnacle of mechanical transmission performance.
With each new product Campagnolo strives to take one step closer towards the ultimate goal of mechanical shifting perfection.

Wheel Road Racing

Campagnolo is dedicated to raising the standards of what a performance wheel should be and how it should perform.
In order to do so, we invest a great deal in research and development. The engineers of the Campy Tech Lab are not only tasked with producing carbon and aluminum wheels that exceed our elevated performance standards but also with producing a high quality product that is both reliable and durable as well. From the entry level Calima to the professional level Bora Ultra and Bora WTO you will find smooth rolling, rigid and reactive wheels that are the benchmark for their respective classes.
As lightweight as they are durable Campagnolo wheels are sure to impress no matter the model.

Team Road Racing

Best Teams and athletes choose Campagnolo.

It is abundantly clear that the a great deal of the cycling world turns to Campagnolo for the technical advantage, reliability and performance it takes to win at all levels when taking into account numerous teams in all levels of cycling; 3 teams in the UCI World Tour, 3 UCI Professional Continental Teams, 16 UCI Continental Teams, 18 U-23 squads and countless others.

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