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Campagnolo against forgery

5 October 2015
Corporate Campagnolo Campagnolo against forgery

Branded and top-end products often become benchmark products and, as such, highly desirable, to the extent that they are often copied, in this way fueling the global forgery market. 

Campagnolo is a victim too and for this reason we are working to adopt control methods to combat this market of forgers as much as possible. This is a battle to defend the future of our company and the safety of our end user, because purchase of a forged product not only prevents performance and experience on the bike, but also jeopardizes the safety of the cyclist.

To this end and with support from Certilogo®, the leader in this field, Campagnolo is the first in the cycling sector to have put in place a control system on its wheels that enables anyone, before or after purchase, to authenticate the product simply and immediately. To check your Certilogo®-certified Campagnolo products just go to or download the free Certilogo® app.

But this is by no means all. Campagnolo also combats forgery at the source, collaborating with various international companies and agencies that identify the individuals who supply the market with forged products, checking and blocking their distribution channels, both on- and off-line and eliminating all adverts and offers for fake Campagnolo products.

Prevention is however one of our primary objectives and this is why help from clients is vital. Reports made directly by our clients are of paramount importance. On a page dedicated to combating forgery, users can alert Campagnolo to web adverts suspected of promoting forged Campagnolo products or provide details of any store displaying forged Campagnolo articles.

Despite the many measures already in place, Campagnolo wants to share with its clients 6 simple rules for safe purchases. Quite often, a few small precautions are all that’s needed to avoid purchase of a forged Campagnolo product, not only a negative experience but also a great risk to personal safety.

One of the simplest tips is definitely to pay particular attention to the store, check its reliability and, when possible, prefer Campagnolo Pro-Shop or Campy Code stores. It is also wise to be suspicious of a guarantee that is too long or excessively low prices.

Results of all the measures adopted by Campagnolo to combat forgery of its products are encouraging. Also thanks to valuable reports from our clients, in the last 12 months alone, we have managed to:

Eliminate more than 20,000 web adverts for forged Campagnolo products
Block more than 2,800 sales of forged Campagnolo products, mainly wheels
Block forged goods worth € 925,000
Reduce the presence of online adverts for non-original Campagnolo products by 82%

These are definitely positive results but much remains to be done and so it is essential that everyone collaborates.

Have you noticed potentially forged Campagnolo products? Report them to us 

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