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MyCampy: a continually evolving project

7 February 2017

The MyCampy project continues its course of research and development.

Improving the cyclist experience, on or off the saddle, is one of the linchpins for this project. To this end, albeit behind the scenes, Campagnolo is designing and developing a series of innovations that make MyCampy somewhere with focus on the cyclists, their racing bikes and their needs.

Various sections are under revision, being continually improved: from the advanced functions for bike management to connectivity with other worlds for importing sessions and improved management of the Campagnolo EPS V3 electronic groupsets.

Some of these functions are currently in production so for the moment we can say no more. We will however be sharing more detailed info as soon as the project gets to the Alpha Testing stage.

Download the MyCampy app, available for iOS, Android and Windows or visit

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