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Shamal Mille MY 17

25 August 2016
Shamal Mille MY 17

New Shamal C17 Now Available in Mille Version.

Campagnolo launched the Shamal wheelset over 20 years ago and with its arrival this one single wheelset was able to write new pages in the story of performance wheelsets with each new performance characteristic incorporated into its design. From its origins as the first complete wheelset to innovative performance oriented technologies that repeatedly raised the bar regarding the capabilities of a competition-ready wheelset, the Shamal represents the pinnacle of aluminum racing wheels. In March 2015 the most advanced aluminum wheel was upgraded yet again to incorporate a new and wider rim optimized to perform with the more popular 25mm and 28mm tire offerings that have all but conquered the road market as of late. The new Shamal C17 wheelset was, until now, only available in its Ultra version. After examining the success of the Shamal Mille wheelset over the previous year the engineers at the Vicenza headquarters sought to incorporate this high performance treatment to the newest version of the famous aluminum wheelset.

The new Shamal Mille C17 boasts all of the performance characteristics found on the recently launched Shamal Ultra C17 but add the advantage of the overwhelmingly well received surface treatment found on the Shamal Mille C15 wheels.

In addition to:

- Differentiated rim height

- G3 Spoke pattern

- MoMag™ technology

- Oversized driveside flange

- USB™ ceramic bearings

- Oversize Aerodymic Aluminum spokes


- New advanced C17 optimized rim

… this newest wheelset from Campagnolo has both the performance and aesthetic advantages of the sleek “Mille” treatment. The special treatment and manufacturing technique Campagnolo developed for the first version of Shamal Mille permeates the metal of the rim, leaving a braking surface that puts this wheelset in a category all its own. This treatment allows for increased braking performance in all conditions and permits the rider to brake later with the confidence that he or she will be in complete control no matter the weather. Applying this technology to a new wheelset gave the engineers at Campagnolo HQ the opportunity to improve upon what was already a fantastic performance breakthrough by adding a special 3d spiral design to improve even further the braking surface. This represents an improvement in both performance as well as modularity with respect to similar wheels from the competition as well as versus the previous version. Aside from its fantastic performance aspects the Shamal Mille was greatly appreciated for the striking aesthetics that derive from that same treatment that gives it a performance edge. The newest version of the Shamal Mille takes that beautiful look and improves it by adding dark anodized external nipples which serve to extend the elegant midnight look by dressing up the only exposed aluminum present on the previous version. This fantastic new wheelset comes in a lightweight package that tips the scales at a scant: 1459 g. The new and improved Shamal is certain to offer the performance that we have all come to expect from such an iconic name and the new Mille version only serves to take that level of excellence even further.
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