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Campagnolo is waiting for you at Nova Eroica

8 julio 2021
Campagnolo is waiting for you at Nova Eroica

Nova Eroica, the All Road cycling event in pure Eroica style, will be held in Buonconvento on 17 July.

Open to those in search of unique emotions and who want to live an epic experience riding modern racing bikes, gravel bikes or cyclocross bikes. Nova Eroica celebrates the beauty of white roads, the taste for challenge and the fun of cycling in company.

You will also have the opportunity to test the new Campagnolo Ekar groupset in the ideal context for gravel.



Book your 2 hour bike test on Ekar mounted steel gravel bike, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Or you can decide to take on NOVA Eroica on July 17th by pushing the Ekar groupset on the chosen path using one of the test bikes.

Reservations required, until the end of availability.

Write to indicating EKAR TEST - NOVA EROICA in the subject to book your test!

We are waiting for you in Buonconvento!

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